Five lines of clothing | on February 7, 2022, “Monday” wear a good luck to five lines of dress popular transport

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Lunar Calendar: the seventh day of the first lunar month, the year of Ren Yin, Ren Yin, The month of Xin MAO Ri Mu Ri, Tian Gan di Zhi, The xin of tian gan belongs to the gold of Yin, and the bases of Di Zhi belong to the wood of Yin.Avoid, appropriate, appropriate move, opening ceremony, wedding, into the house, get married, start, bed, travel, trade, opening, tourism, disassembly, open, a fire, medallion, marry, migration, vouchers, adoption, plant, hanging tablets, avoid Burial, stove, prayer and sacrifice, departures, twelve gods, this day for a ChuRi: to blow away the cobwebs of the elephant.Removal, treatment, warding off evil, travel, marriage are good days, if there is a long illness to find a day to change the doctor might as well choose removal, the effect is very good.Do not seek official, office, open, move.Every day less than the boss home, so as not to thankless, the new officer can not be elected on the day, so as not to block the official career, ruin the future.· Chong Sha · The rooster is the Chinese zodiac being chong, so it is not favorable for people born in the year of rooster to do important things, such as getting married, opening a business, etc.Be careful what you do to the West.· Location of Auspicious God · Location of Mammon: Due East Location of Blessing God; Southwest location of Happy God; Southwest location of shengmen:Zhengxi · Today Jishi · Zi Shi 23:00-00:59 PM 11:00-12:59 Yin Shi 03:00-04:59 PM 13:00-14:59 MAO Shi 05:00-06:59 you17:00-18:59 · Sheng Xiao · Teji Zodiac: Sheep, snake and dog Jishi Zodiac:● “Thirty-nine” “Sun Yizhen” deduces the ideal girl appearance, play leisure, work modeling to wear to show professional Li Fall, pleated skirt, suit must be defeated!Field by sohn ye jin, beauty, Jin Zhixian starring Korean dramas “39”, describe the three women are about to enter forty, facing their life experiences, emotions, family, workplace by theatergoers as han edition “30” “, as jiangnan dermatologist, dean of car beauty face son ye-jin, separate two years once again return to the small screen,The voice of the fans as the broadcast day closer to the louder, the first to take you to see Sun Yizhen in the drama fashion wear.In “Thirty-nine”, Sun Yizhen wears temperament shirt + pleated skirt in the character setting of the director of skin department, so that most of sun Yizhen’s dressing style is surrounded by temperament. The off-white shirt is matched with the printed pleated skirt, showing the professional of the hospital president and looking very gentle.Tie shirt + black knee skirt to shape a professional image, in fact, the shirt is a very good match of the single product, Sun Yizhen chooses water blue collar shirt, the lower body is black knee skirt, both to the formal and professional image.Similar to the design of traditional Hanfu, Sun Yizhen chooses the short version of the bow tie top to match with the dark blue pleated round skirt. The waist line of the top makes the overall proportion of the European Union more slender, and the round skirt of the lower body can present a lively and clever atmosphere.Cloth suits fit is a subject full of learning, whether you’re wearing a novice, or get up accidentally got up late this morning, the upper and lower body with a formal suit, is undoubtedly the day wearing a set of choice, sohn ye jin’s dermatologist, dean of the people, often have the opportunity to wear suits, this fur coat and a skirt is girls fall/winter wardrobe indispensable sheet is tasted.Lacing shirt dress zero error choice, there are also sun Yizhong wearing this shirt lacing dress, whether it is a daily meeting trip, or temporary business trip, lacing shirt dress is decent and can present a professional image.Military coat + suit pants remove the down coat outside, Sun Yizhen wear on the body of black double-breasted military coat and suit pants, pants not only fashionable more in order to walk, is as OL classic unbeaten work wear first choice.● Life can be full of setbacks, but we can not lose confidence, the road can be bumpy, but we can not give up moving forward, life can be full of despair, but we can not give up hope!We have it for a while, then we lose it.From each loss, I understand more and more what life is all about.I hope my dear you go in peace and happiness all your life!Peace and happiness!I love you and bless you.Thank you for seeing me.