Don’t sleep who shouldn’t sleep, don’t love who shouldn’t love

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“Then IT dawned on me that she, though as unpredictable as the weather, was as inevitable as the weather,” Angela writes in The Book.Yes, some people are really caught off guard.And it messes up all your plans without warning.You think it’s him, but it’s like god just played a joke on you.You try your best to love, but the other person doesn’t seem to care.You think the right person, but you think.In a relationship like this, letting go is the best thing to do.You read something a mother said to her daughter on the Internet, which left a deep impression on me: “That boy is not right for you, it’s not him, it’s you, he can’t make you shine, you try to be someone else, you change when you are with him.The person who really loves you should love you just the way you are.Love your grace, grace, calm;I also love your vexatious, your sloppy.A person, if he does not make you shine, will make you dim.And you, also willingly for him, give up their original appearance, become the way he likes.After all, he doesn’t really love you.Even if you burn yourself endlessly for him, making yourself into what he wants you to be.He will be critical of you, a lot of dissatisfaction.Because you were wrong from the start.The wrong person, no matter how hard you try, can never be the right person.So, when you realize that this person will only consume you, don’t hesitate to let go.There is a sentence in “Shining Life” that says: “We are both carrying heavy shells, our sky is not always so sunny, and I have been saved by your gentle, I do not know how many times.”Some people are like that, even if you’re not with them because you want to be saved.But after you were with him, he saved you again and again.He catches all your bad emotions when you are desperate and sad again and again.He gives you strength to move on, to inspire you, to heal you.With him, you can drop all your defenses and camouflage.Be yourself in front of him.Can be childish, can act in pettish, can be the child in his eyes.He’ll give you all the love and security you need.Even if you are not really good, he will never give you the slightest dislike.With him, you can realize that you are becoming more confident and better.Not for him, you are deliberately trying to make yourself good.It’s about being with him, and somehow you become better and more confident.The right one, as Simboska writes in I’ve Lived this Lonely Life: “To me, having someone say your name out loud beside me yesterday was like throwing a rose through an open window.”And he is the most beautiful “rose” in your heart, is the most beautiful color in your life.It’s up to you to decide whether you’re right or wrong.Neither has been plain sailing.There will always be setbacks of one kind or another.This is normal life, we should be brave and positive face.For the wrong person, we need to accept the fact that we love the wrong person.Don’t hold on to sunk costs.Because the more reluctant you are, the more you have to lose in the end.If it doesn’t work out for you, give your heart to the right person early on.The right person is the one you should hold on to.And only with the right person can you achieve the happiness you want.No one has the right to determine your life and happiness.Your happiness is in your own hands.It’s up to you who you’re with.So, when you fall in love, be sure to keep your eyes peeled.Love the wrong person, it doesn’t matter, start over.Stop your losses as soon as possible.Be with the right person for the rest of your life.