A: congratulations!Gu Ailing high score promotion, China team 3 among the final, hand in hand on the podium?

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On February 17, 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing qualification Gu Ailing performed well, qualified as the first place.To add to the surprise, Zhang Kexin and Li Fanghui, two other Chinese players, also made it to the final.Many netizens said, Of course, Gu Ailing is the favorite to win gold, Zhang Kexin and Li Fanghui also reserve a very high difficulty, there is a chance to impact the podium, can we see China’s three players hand in hand on the podium?Gu has already won one gold and one silver medal in three events, the third of which is women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing, a sport she once won all the World Cup events in one season.How strong is Gu Ailing?In the first round, Gu scored 93.75 points, the highest score in the first round.In the second round, Gu continued to improve the quality of her movements and got 95.50 points, which of course was the highest score of the whole session.With her high score, Gu easily advanced to the final as the top qualifier.Many netizens said that Gu has obvious advantages, and the final is to compete with themselves, to impact their own highest score.In addition to Gu, two other Chinese players also brought surprises. Zhang Kexin scored 77.50 points in the first round and landed safely in the second round to challenge 1080, scoring 86.50 points. Zhang kexin qualified for the final as the fifth place in the preliminary round.Li scored 84.75 points in the first round and qualified for the final as seventh in her heat.Obviously, Zhang Kexin and Li Fanghui have reserved a very high difficulty, the quality and stability of the completion of the previous greatly improved, The Chinese team three players to advance to the final, the gold medal is likely to win.Another netizen said that if Zhang and Li can continue to play steadily in the final, they have a chance to reach the podium.Will we see three Chinese athletes join hands on the podium?It’s a possibility, but it’s too difficult.Although Gu had the obvious advantage, there were several strong players, such as Rachel Kark, the second place in the preliminary, who scored 88.50 points and 89.50 points respectively in the two rounds, very stable.Also gu’s main rival was Kylie Sildaru, who scored 87.50 points in the first round to qualify for the final in third place.In addition, Britain’s Zoe Atkin, Canada’s Cathy Sharp, the United States team of three players are very competitive, Gu Ailing can not be taken lightly.If Zhang Kexin and Li Fanghui want to reach the podium, they need to perform difficult moves and ensure the quality of the finish. Anything is possible, come on!