Twenty o ‘clock at night!Another Chinese Super League team is on the brink of relegation after FIFA handed out a heavy fine

2022-05-10 0 By

At 20pm on February 9th, Beijing time, zhu Yi, an authoritative sports media person in China, released a heavy news that FIFA issued a heavy fine not long ago, and his penalty object, is a Chinese Super League club!According to Zhu yi, the FIFA disciplinary committee has imposed a transfer ban on Chinese Super League team Tianjin Tianjin Tigers due to non-payment, with immediate effect, tianjin Tianjin Tianjin Tigers cannot register new players until they fulfill their obligations to pay the arrears.However, tianjin tianjin club recently announced the signing of barton, should be able to register, as he joined the club on loan as early as last season, this is only a buyout, so it does not affect the registration.This news for tianjin tianjin tiger team, is undoubtedly a huge blow.If does not introduce new signings, then they must be existing squad for the new season, but the club’s current lineup, but only the Norwich and rocky two foreign aid, and how important is for a Chinese super team foreign aid, believe that have seen the Chinese super league fans should know that if the current squad to play, the tianjin team almost will lock a relegation places ahead of time!Then tianjin team can not pay the arrears, to eliminate the FIFA ban?The reason why Tianjin Team came to the verge of dissolution at the beginning was because it had no money, and many powerful enterprises were unwilling to step into the field of football.Now as The Chinese men’s football team in 12 strong match on the collapse, the attention of the new season in the super league will certainly fall to the freezing point, now also looking forward to someone can come forward for Tianjin team debt, that is tantamount to wishful thinking.So the new season tianjin team faced with only two choices, or to participate in the competition with the existing personnel, the ranking is fate, the biggest is to fall to the Top.The second option would be to dissolve the team, and then the debt would disappear, because the club would be gone, so who would your people go to?The original league champion Jiangsu Suning is because of the huge debt no one is willing to take on, and finally went to the dissolution of this step.Since the championship level of the Super team can not say, and not to mention relegation team?It can be predicted that the new season of the Chinese Super League will encounter a great depression.This can not be blamed on others, to blame the national football team is not up to snubbing their own rice bowl!