Andante leisurely, bright and clean as a song, pull out the cloud to see the light, embrace the sky

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Chipper singing, full of life.Jinse time, hands call, mature, is the most beautiful color of life.Mature if deep valley orchid, quiet zhan you Fang, mature if autumn red maple, poetic intoxicating.I appreciate “mature” elegant in the massiness, free and easy in the demeanor, colorful in the poetry, elegant do not lose plain, noble do not lose plain, into the mature, we mooring harvest, out of the mature, we set sail!Looking forward, empty bifeng xiu, poetry and painting flow, look back, quiet and elegant, mature appearance!Seek with dreams, seek with passion, seek with maturity…Can’t do without a dream, can’t do without enthusiasm;Without dreams and enthusiasm, the tree of life can only grow apathy and boredom, and life will never be sunny.Plain as water across, casual time, the eyes of the scenery, has been the story of memory.A lot of unwilling, a lot of hesitation in one move, wondering: who is old years?In ordinary times, capricious natural and unrestrained, but who can qingshan is not old, green water is long, fate will always play tricks on people, sudden changes, natural and man-made disasters, let us unprepared, so a lot of fragile.No longer want to mention those gray days, do not want to think, the setting sun will be how, gradually began to fear the old.Unable to understand, the fate of the ill-fated mystery, always looking at the eyes, come and go, points and points, and finally cold.Do not understand this years, who is not old story, do not fall the stars.Perhaps we are all dust in the fireworks, a drop in the ocean, can not change the course, can not be altered ink, empty, lonely shadow with the moon, cold wind blowing, lonely yu stand, hanging together.Pieces fell off, through the fingertips, leaving a slight pain.Quicksand river never care for who, the sun has always been the same east rise west fall, time flies like an arrow and go, the same law, has always been.Can not grasp the day, touch the reason, unable to answer, doubt lingering sun and moon, as always exist, slowly driving in the confused door……Maturity does not abandon dreams and enthusiasm.Maturity is a plant of slow growth, dream is water, enthusiasm is fertilizer, only the right amount of fertilization and watering, “mature” will grow into a tree, the tree will bear fruit – successful life.And no dream to lose the passion of maturity must be a “strange tree”, can only bear numbness, cold and cunning.A point of quicksand, old years, we stop and go platform, how much can keep?How many can be remembered?Thousand times of story, the same destination, life has its length, the frames now, leave the most beautiful sound, even walking in the sunset xishan path, can also be accompanied by the left and right sides, with the warm wind blowing her thin shoulders, no longer lonely helpless, no longer lonely, cold combed his time continuing to be a natural and unrestrained, flooded with warm, dancing with sunset!Life is always looking for, no one will show you the way ahead.Only with the mature search, with the mature filtered dream and passion to seek, will be able to withstand setbacks and overcome obstacles, the goal of firmly realize their ideal of life;Can have the confidence to overcome difficulties to climb the peak, never stop the pace of progress, to their ideal life charge.The goal is firm, but need to find the road, climb the peak of life is dangerous and no one walked, only time to find in advance, will not waste life because of the wrong way, will have the ability to make life brilliant.Please listen carefully, our winter Olympic athletes fearless, brave, adhere to!