Nie Yusheng encounters a car accident accidentally, the memory after waking retrogresses, Nie Dongyuan talks about static suspension contention for custody

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, hit television show “this life have you” talk about static and NieYuSheng since seven years ago after a breakup, NieYuSheng never talked about love and others, and his father NieDongYuan was found suffering from cancer, and numbered NieDongYuan also know oneself life soon, last only desire is to embrace the grandson, but see NieYuSheng feel state is impossible now.Plain talk about static son due to congenital heart disease, at the right moment and NieDong treated in the same hospital, NieDongYuan since saw the child, just like the child, and play in the process of peace NieDongYuan feel mediocre always give yourself a special kind of feeling, the more he see the child, the more I think the child like NieYuSheng when I was a child.Nie Dongyuan began to doubt that Pingping is his grandson, he found the director, asked him to help do a paternity test, the final result let Nie Dongyuan tears of joy, the original in his lifetime, or can see his grandson, or can enjoy the happiness of the family.Nie Dongyuan, who knows pingping’s life history, holds prejudice against Tan Jing, thinking that she cannot take good care of her grandson, and begins to plan to take back the right of custody.And as the mother of the flat, how can talk static tolerate someone to take away their children, let alone this attempt to take away the flat, or in those days separated her and Nie Yusheng.Even though Tan Jing knows that the Nie family is powerful, she refuses to back down on the matter. Tan Jing finds Sheng Fangting and gets a lawyer with his help. The lawyer points out that as long as she finds evidence that the other party cannot raise Ping ping, she can keep the right of custody.Soon, Tan Jing found the evidence that Nie Yusheng was not suitable for raising the flat. In the original year, After Tan Jing broke up with Nie Yusheng, Nie Yusheng could not bear it for a while. He suffered from mental illness and had been treated abroad.If talk static take out this evidence, flat custody has a great chance to keep, but in the dispute between the two sides, talk static received a phone call, that flat actually disappeared, talk static worried, and Nie Yusheng has been beside her to accompany her to find flat.Fortunately, flat was found, Nie Yusheng also promised to talk static, he is serious to her flat, and give the wedding ring to talk static, turned and left, but did not expect on the way back, Nie Yusheng unexpectedly suffered a car accident, was taken to the hospital, fortunately, the doctor said he was just trauma, and no other major obstacle.Nie Yusheng soon woke up from the coma, Nie Dongyuan these days hanging heart is also put down, but DID not expect nie Yusheng lost the memory of the seven years after breaking up with Tan Jing, he now thinks he is still in contact with Tan Jing, Nie Dongyuan thought for a long time, feel that the bell must be tied to the bell, that only Tan Jing can help.Nie Dongyuan found Tan Jing, told her about Nie Yusheng’s present situation, put forward temporarily do not fight for the flat custody, please talk jing can cooperate with the doctor to treat Nie Yusheng’s memory regression, Talk Jing finally agreed, she found Nie Yusheng, saw him full of vitality, as if back to the past love that time.Can Nie Yusheng regain his memory?Will this get them back together?Leave your thoughts in the comments section!This article is the author’s original, unauthorized plagiarism is strictly prohibited, offenders will investigate!