How many unspoken rules do you know about seeing a doctor?Doctors usually don’t tell you

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People eat whole grains, which do not get sick, even if the body is good, there may be some kind of disease, this time can not avoid to go to the hospital for examination, but do you know?There may be many hidden rules when seeing a doctor, so these hidden rules are common phenomenon in the industry, and not everyone exists. Today, let the doctor analyze it for you.How many unspoken rules do you know about hospitals?Doctors don’t usually tell you that appointments are best made Tuesday through Thursday. The unspoken rule of outpatient doctor appointments is that professors pick the hours and junior doctors fill the rest of the time.Many experts in China will have their own arrangements on weekends, such as foreign hospital consultation, academic consultation, etc. Since they have something to do on weekends, they will probably prepare in advance on Friday, and they cannot come back in time on Monday, so many experts set the outpatient service from Tuesday to Thursday.Second:Book if there is a book must take, or you will pay two dollars for a new book, and in other hospital need timely report before, be sure to bring, if you want to check to do it, don’t do no one will give you the diagnosis, and when the doctor for a chat with you even speak of is all about the disease,Or to tell you how to follow up on the treatment of the disease, during this time do not talk to the doctor or other people, do not do not say things that should not be said.Third: when there is some problem with rational drug use, the doctor may give you more than one treatment method. The doctor will put forward the best treatment method for you when choosing drug treatment.There may be some drug treatment when the price is relatively expensive, so that people can not accept, but this situation can be avoided in time, because when considering taking drugs, communicate with the doctor in advance about their economic range, choose good drugs, the key is to listen to the doctor.Fourth: to find the same doctor, avoid repeated examination of drugs, because most of the time to see a doctor needs a few days or a period of time to carry out a return visit, here we suggest that it is best to find experts before diagnosis and treatment, so that the doctor better understand the condition, avoid repeated medication and examination.If you follow up for long-term chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, etc., it is recommended to find the last doctor to see you, show him all the drugs, the doctor to help you see if there are other drugs can be combined.If you want to keep your body in a healthy state, how should you do?1, assure enough sleep when I was in deep sleep is good for every organ of the ability of normal regeneration and repair, to ensure that at least 6 hours, if lack of sleep for long time, can cause a degradation, the brain of all ages sleep time is also different, old people may not be less than 6 hours, before 11 o ‘clock in the evening to enter a state of deep sleep,You can take a one-hour lunch break at noon.2, run 5 minutes a day can exercise every day for 5 minutes, need to adhere to 4 ~ 5 times a week, and to strengthen the body’s metabolism, increase body basal metabolic rate, enhance the cardiopulmonary function, run 5 minutes, the quantity of heat that use up, the equivalent of jogging 45 branch office can increase your ability to respond to and explosive force, the balance of the body’s endocrine appear,At the same time to reduce the risk of falling, the elderly must do a good job of protection when running fast, to prevent falling or overwork caused by physical discomfort.3 when eating, eat slowly if the speed is very fast, can make food when not fully chew, esophagus, and to the digestive tract mucosa damage, time is long will increase the risk of gastritis and inflammation of the esophagus, because of eating too fast, easy to make the brain receives less than full signal, to eat more food in a short time,Excess calories increase the risk of obesity and the burden on the gut.So we must slow down the speed of eating, can increase the secretion of saliva, can better eliminate bacteria and viruses in the mouth, so that the intestines and stomach get better protection.Healthy New Year