Rich family abuse love: “do you think I marry you because of love you?You’re just her mobile blood bank.”

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Hello everyone, I heard that you are short of books again, but you can’t find any novels that you are interested in. Today, I would like to recommend some good novels to you. If you like, don’t miss it!Book shortage quickly collect!”Do you think I married you because I love you?You are just her mobile blood bank just “This hate life love without rest” novel recommendation: Gu Xue is pregnant finally, discover suddenly however, this is actually all her despair painful beginning.”Gu Xue, do you think I really love you when I marry you?You are nothing but a moving blood bank for women you love, a lowly animal. What right do I have to love you?”Best clip: “Hey, did you guys hear?I heard Dr. Jane was dismissed?””Yes, they say they have. Tut, tut, what a good man Dr. Jane is, to ruin the rest of his life like that.”Gu Xue fierce to open his eyes, will be around the gossip of the nurses startled.”What did you say?!”Gu Xue tightly grasped a side of the nurse’s hand, emotion very excited.”Oh, Dr. Jane?”The nurses looked at Gu Xue and impatiently threw off their arms and said, “It’s your Mr. Lu who sued you. He said it violated the rules and made you unhappy. The hospital has decided to dismiss Dr. Jane, and it’s more than that.”Be doctor Jane so good person because you are not high heart” the voice of the nurses gradually of low bottom, it seems to be afraid of accidentally angry Gu Xue, lead to their job security.Gu Xue but look at the front of empty eyes.That’s not what Lu Jingyu said. He did that to himself, but to Dr. Jane?!Why was he so cruel, because she wanted to run away?Because she didn’t obey him?”I want to see Lu Jingyu” Gu Murmured: “I want to see Lu Jingyu!The nurses looked at each other in surprise. They had long heard that Mrs. Lu was ill.No, no, they need to get out of the way.When Lu Jingyu knew that Gu Xue was dying to see her, he sneered and said, “Since she is so energetic, prepare for the operation immediately.”Gu Xue looked at the people pouring into the ward, held herself down and drove herself up, she knew that the mobile phone Lu Jingyu was going to attack her, she screamed wildly.”This hate unbroken into heart bone” novel recommend: Shen Mo does not love Tong Xin so do not believe her, he ruthlessly destroyed this love him to deep woman, later, the truth emerges…He is…Best clip: “You are a murderer, I want you to pay!”Tong Xin desperately staring at liang Flourishing, eyes red, she rolled out of bed to liang Flourishing resentment.The only thought that haunted her was to strangle her to avenge her child!Liang Flourishing looked at gradually forced into tong Xin, calm face without a trace of surprise, like had been expected in general, but her eyes with unprecedented hate.Tong Xin mercilessly pinched liang Flourishing’s neck, her back notch teeth dead bite, arm, neck, forehead blue veins highlight, throat overflow pain roar.If it wasn’t for her, her baby wouldn’t be dead, she wouldn’t be in this state…She had destroyed her family, she had destroyed her happiness…She has to pay for this. She has to!Liang Qianqian looked at the eyes red tong Xin mercilessly said: “Shen Mo must be mine!So your child must die!You too!”Liang Flourishing grasped tong Xin’s hand, mercilessly to the side, suddenly burst of strength, will be unguarded Tong Xin fell into the corner.”Thunk –” a muffled sound, Tong Xin head ruthlessly hit on the wall.Liang Qianqian walks to Tong Xin, reaches out and pulls the clothes on tong Xin’s chest, “Pa!”Suddenly, she slapped directly on Tong Xin’s face, followed by her cold voice sounded: “I just use your means, take back what belongs to me.What have you to be wronged with?””At the beginning shen Mo but you rob from my hand of the past!You can become Mrs. Shen depends on me to help you, and now I don’t want to help you, so you better obediently give Mrs. Shen’s position out!Or your mother will die next!”After a marriage in which she was in despair, he said she was still his wife years later.Highlights: Lin Le sits on a bench at the seawall, where she and Lin Feng had their first date, but she now comes here to say goodbye to her past self.Lin Feng will never know how much she loved him, it was his fault.When it was almost time, Linle got up to go.A faintness came over her, and she fell forward.Then a pair of warm hands held her.”Are you all right?Dimly, she heard a familiar voice.She tried to see his face, but all she could see was darkness.She sank into the darkness.Next thing I know, she’s in the hospital.When she opened her eyes, the man by the bed smiled at her immediately. “Are you awake?You gave me a fright when you fainted at the seaside. Would you like some water?”Lin Le drank a mouthful of water and looked at the man who took her to the hospital. His voice was very similar to Lin Feng’s, but his face was strange.Unlike Lin Feng’s angular features, his face is soft and his smile charming.”Thank you, I fainted suddenly, must have caused you a lot of trouble, I am really sorry.”Dinle thanked him sincerely. In this world, where there is a need to protect themselves, there are not many people willing to help others.”You’re welcome. I bet you fainted from the sea breeze and low blood sugar.But I ordered one more test just in case.”The man said, “Don’t look at me like this. I’m a doctor, too.”Then he added in a low voice, “A vet, though.”She couldn’t help laughing.Her smile bloomed on her white face like the sun melting the snow, bright and gentle.The Lin Feng at the door looked stunned and stopped before the ward.The above is the novel to share with you today, if you like it, you can click the bookmark to watch it for free, there are wonderful content waiting for you later, we will see you next time.Through farming: she is wearing a small woman, and I have only from scratch, poultry, dig pond abuse: she production massive haemorrhage, he protect children not protect adult, was to take: umbilical cord blood to save the first love s rebirth in the 80 s, she ran off the night before, kick deceive philandering man, turned into the arms of his club the sm:For the sake of his sweetheart, she changed blood to donate kidney, and even lost his life, he panic: it is said that gu’s disabled young master married a country wench, until their waistcoat fell on the ground