He was the secretary of sichuan Provincial Party Committee. At the time of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, he had no military rank. Why was he awarded the rank of general?

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The general of the country, a military horse but kneeling here, fighting for the country, blood, for the motherland, for the people, brave forward in the battlefield.Like a doctor to cure the sick, saved the country from the disease, witnessed the birth of new China.And he is the founding general, although not many people know his name, but his contribution is indelible.His noble and righteous spirit remains in the world forever.He has ability, step by step, with their own strength to hero to save the country, this is a general, integrity not die under the enemy’s bullets, but in the age of 58 with regret buried – Yan Hongyan he is the founding of our country Yan Hongyan from family economic condition is bad, should be at school age, because can’t afford to pay tuition fees,At the age of nine, he dropped out of school early, 1924 to make ends meet in Northern Shanxi warlord Jing Yue Xiu department as a soldier, from here opened his legendary military career he was stubborn temper, adhere to justice, decent, upright, such temper also for him as a soldier to add color.In the days when he was a soldier, he was influenced and influenced by Marxism, which made him more determined to follow the pace of the Party and promoted him to become an honorable party member.And in the war against the Kuomintang, Yan Hongyan’s performance is also very good, with excellent ability to let others see his light.In the struggle for national, trust and support of the country, he participated in the battle of big and small, his war, the larger the position is becoming more and more high, played a profound role in the Anti-Japanese War, for the red army Crusades anti-japanese ferry, he showed his excellent leadership, in all material under the condition of lack, he used his quick wits, correct leadership to overcome all difficulties,Organize people to ship ships overnight, mobilize the masses, contribute their own strength to the victory of the war, and finally succeed ferry, the problem is solved.Chairman Ma also said afterwards: “Yan Hongyan is a good comrade when crossing the Yellow River, the ferryboat is mainly solved by him.”He contributed greatly to the success of the Red Army.The Anti-Japanese War ended, Yan Hongyan in seven meeting rooms of the communist party of China attended the goldkorn was nominated as candidate for the central committee, with his knowledge of Jeremy goldkorn, Yan Hongyan think wrong, directly to the superiors, but received the distortions and criticism, election again in Jeremy goldkorn, he still choose to stand out against Jeremy goldkorn, in order to the party’s internal peace and national stability,He chose to speak out and seek truth from facts, but also warned Gao Gang that he hoped to correct.But Gao Gang is vindictive appoint a person to expose Yan Hongyan.Finally.Gao Gang’s anti-party plot was exposed, the party investigated the case and the archive, identified with yan Hongyan’s words, fully affirmed yan Hongyan’s struggle with Gao Gang.Acknowledging his just resistance and fighting spirit, Zhou Enlai said, “History proves that Yan Hongyan’s view on Gao Gang is correct.”It is people like him who have the courage to fight and stand up for the future of the party that will make our country stronger.Ten years special period, Yan Hongyan did not escape, after several times of criticism, finally could not withstand the mental and physical torture, at the age of 58 this choice to commit suicide.But his experience and struggle we these posterity also see in the eyes, in mind, sincere respect for him, which is also an honor of his founding general.Perhaps to make up for his apology, the chairman asked for his name to be added during the ceremony.In a meeting, Chairman MAO even called Yan Hongyan to his side and made a public apology to him, saying, “Comrade Yan Hongyan, I am very sorry that I have wronged you for more than 10 years.MAO Zedong said: “Yan Hongyan is a good comrade.Besides Liu Zhidan and Xie Zichang, Yan Hongyan made great contributions to the establishment of the Northern Shaanxi Soviet Area, the Northern Shaanxi Red Army and the Northern Shaanxi Party.