Taiyuan: Volunteer service “no holidays”

2022-05-06 0 By

This article from: Taiyuan Broadcasting and TELEVISION station “Aunt, you see ah, first click here…”On February 6, guo Xiao of worker of real estate company of 17 bureau of medium tie is teaching Aunt Wang of taiyuan citizen, operation pension line queries business.Aunt Wang narrowed her eyes and watched carefully.After teaching is not assured, Guo Xiao let Wang aunt their operation several times.During the Spring Festival, the Real estate Company of The 17th Bureau of China Railway Organized 12 party members and cadres to form “volunteer commandos” to take charge of the difficult assistance and epidemic prevention and control work in three old communities.”We contracted pingyang road west lane zi Zhu Yuan residential area.There are many elderly people in the community, and some of their children cannot go home for the Spring Festival because of the epidemic. We do what we can to help the community and make our lives more meaningful.””Volunteer commando” member Li Shuai said, “Our duty is to provide convenience for community residents. Some elderly people have bought rice, flour, oil and other New Year goods, so it is difficult to carry the door and climb the stairs.Some old people can not use mobile phones, computers and other electronic equipment “online” to pay water, electricity;Some doors and Windows aging, because the work is busy, too busy to repair……Volunteers offer their services as soon as they are called.At the same time, volunteers also assisted community workers in epidemic screening, temperature testing and other work, and handed out free masks to residents, making it easier for them to travel.In the community, commandos are “online” for 13 hours from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. When they encounter their own work to be dealt with, they will communicate and exchange through wechat group in time.”Aunt, happy New Year!””Grandpa, now popular wechat New Year, less visit, go home early ah!”At 8:30 in the morning of February 6, team member Shi Wenjie was on guard at the gate of the community. In addition to taking the temperature of each resident, he told everyone that the most was these words.Swinger said that now the community basically know him, see him not only take the initiative to reach over to take the temperature of the hand, when walking will say “you hard!”