Russian visa application difficulty

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Details of Russian visa materials:Photocopy of original passport visa and homepage (passport valid for at least 2 years) 2 photos of certificate with white background and color (recent photo taken within half a year, with zipped smile,Electronic photo ID card front and back (both sides printed on one piece of paper) Personal email address, telephone number, university information Visa form Students under 18 years old must provide photocopies of the first page of the household registration booklet, the first page of the household registration booklet and their own page.Visa photo requirements: two 2-inch color photos with white background (35*45mm within 6 months), dark brown clothes and trousers are required, not cream white or light color, light blue, patterned clothes and trousers close to photo background color.Facial features should be exposed (eyes, eyebrows, ears, etc., mouth should not be opened to leak teeth, glasses and contact lenses should not be worn) photos should be cost-effective, no particles, stains, horizontal pattern.Photos should be clear, high definition, must be printed in a reliable photo library (can not be used for retaking, PS, scanner photos) can not wear hair ornaments, jewelry, women can not be heavy makeup.Photos should be full face, no side, head up, head down.There can be no light on the face, no dark shadows, and the skin color is normal.The photo must show the top of all head and shoulders. the head should not be too large or too small. shoulders should be exposed.Do you need a lot of photos?Looking for a photo library can be taken according to documents usually this kind of problem can be prevented, but now the P graph technology is used more and more common, not required too much oh!If the photo with passport visa on the photo difference is too indecent visa processing can not do oh.Every time the study and training visa is handled, all kinds of visa must be appropriate and accurate, otherwise students will not be able to successfully leave China customs.Students must leave the country within the validity period of the visa, but not on the last day of the validity period!!Since they are overseas, school leaders have to deal with visa on arrival and extension.Therefore, the latest latest departure time is one month left in the validity period of the visa.This visa application will be invalid if it is later.Different colleges and universities also have different regulations, expect friends to care about their school information content ~ if you want to know a lot of information to study abroad, warmly welcome endowment inquiry!To learn more