Readers’ Comments on “New Understanding of Health”

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First of all, Mr. Wang Dehua learned a lot from reading New Understanding of Health.As many doctors said, Mr. Zhang Yao is concerned with the well-being of the people, not secret experience and medical science, and is willing to share health knowledge with all the people of the world, medical benevolence, great medical sincerity, inherent everyone’s mind.For the medical, this sincere is the first repair.The ancients said, “doctors save people, should not make a living”, but now some people take medical skills as a way to profit.Zhang yiu is a role model for many medical practitioners by sharing his decades of experience with others.Second, the writing of “New Understanding of Health” is pure simple and honest, as if speaking clearly to the common people, and speaking sincerely.Not tone, not pretentious, not pedantic, but let people easy to learn and practice.This is a famous conscience, not mediocre can be comparable.Because understand thoroughly, side can be straightforward language expression, the so-called simple.Every view of the chapter, the heart of admiration.Third: to rule scholars, most avoid conformism, mud is not changed.This is especially true in medicine.The living environment of the ancients was different from that of the present, with different work and rest, diet, environment and life concept, so the constitution was bound to be different.If you stick to the old system, I’m afraid you will be tempted.Mr. Zhang Yao’s philosophy and medical skills keep pace with The Times. He studies the physical characteristics and pathogenesis of modern people and gives treatment based on syndrome differentiation, which promotes the synchronous development of medical level with The Times.Upholding integrity and making innovations requires great wisdom, courage and responsibility. It is not an easy task or a slogan.Disciple Liang Xu collected hundreds of skilled doctors for the publication of “New Understanding of Health”.Books are spread far and wide to mankind.Zhang Lin, deputy chief physician, commented on “New Understanding of Health” for years and years, and had a deep understanding of it.Not hoard gold, but give it all.It is not secret, “nourishing the sick” to self-respect and self-interest, but teach people to fish, would rather open fewer medicine shops, but also hope that people have fewer diseases.Teacher Zhang Yao, this kind of words and deeds, physical practice, to help all sentient beings, do not get sick, less sick, minor illness, the heart of the bodhisattva, this short “business”, “cut off the source of students”, this let everyone less sick, so that every family, so that the hospital is empty of doctors sincere, good.Such traditional Chinese medicine people, and “tiger tiger live in the New Year, the operating room is pure money ⑴” criminal medical capital accomplices, can not be compared.Note 1: On January 26, 22, a photo circulated online shows that the operating room of Dongguan Kanghua Hospital held the 2022 year-end summary meeting. The banner hanging in the venue reads “Tiger tiger is alive to welcome the New Year, and the operating room is full of money!”(See picture).Images from the Internet