Longjun field supervision spring ploughing production work

2022-05-06 0 By

This network news (correspondent Deng Hua) March 14, district party committee deputy secretary, united Front minister Long Jun in-depth link luqiao, You Ting wei, Lingjiao Tang and other township streets on the spot supervision of spring farming production.In connect lu bridge street sida Ting village, Long Jun and township responsible comrades, village cadres, grain farmers in-depth conversation, and spot telephone spot check, a detailed understanding of the early rice area and the implementation of pesticides and fertilizers, agricultural machinery and tools and other production materials reserve situation.He called for strengthening organization and leadership, strengthening agricultural resources guarantee, improving technical support, improving agricultural machinery services, and completing all tasks of early rice production.Came to Longjiang Temple village, Lingjiaotang town, Longjun field view 3000 mu township level demonstration and early rice seedling base, a detailed understanding of early rice seedling, pre-planting area and other specific situations, ask the current difficulties, the site office research to solve the relevant problems.Cropping in postal kiosk fair town demonstration area of ten thousand mu, markets came to the fields of supervision and early rice area to carry out the construction of high standard farmland, he asked, powerful time to seize the weather is sunny, accelerate the construction of high standard farmland, more measures simultaneously completes the field management, the full implementation of the subsidy policy, arouse the enthusiasm of farmers to plant, and actively to the spring production.Long jun stressed that spring ploughing preparation is related to food security, national economy and people’s livelihood, all townships and relevant departments should attach great importance to spring ploughing production and food production, as the current top priority, resolutely implement the main responsibility of food security, further clarify the focus of work, compaction work responsibility, firmly hold the bottom line of food security,We will take strong measures to curb the conversion of cultivated land into non-agricultural land and prevent the conversion of cultivated land into non-food land, ensure that all cultivated land is fully sowed and planted, and meet this year’s grain production targets on time, quality and quantity.