Encounter lost little meng baby, warm heart traffic police embrace its home!

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Recently lost a girl go out alone after fortunately met traffic police sanya after finding will eventually children safe home on February 16, 11 at 40, sanya tianya police brigade road controllers Lin Zhijia is primary school section 9 to carry out the daily service work, at this time, found a girl crying alone nearby crossroads, Lin Zhijia immediately come forward to know the situation.”What’s wrong with you, little friend?What happened? The police can help you.Where are your parents?”After repeated inquiries from Lin, the girl gradually stopped crying, saying she had gone out to play and had forgotten her way home and her family’s phone number.Seeing this, Lin Zhijia while holding the girl in the neighborhood, shops and other door-to-door inquiry, from time to time to comfort the don’t worry, traffic police uncle will take her home, while reporting the traffic police command center, request nearby area road controller together to help find their family.After nearly an hour of search, when the traffic police road administrator to jiefang Road a village door, the girl suddenly said that he is living in the village.Lin zhijia immediately communicated with residents of the community and finally contacted the girl’s family.After identifying the parents, Lin returned the girl to her family and told them to take good care of the child before returning to his duty.How can missing children be prevented?Sanya traffic police remind to strengthen communication with children.Parents should strengthen communication with their children at ordinary times, learn more about their children’s emotional dynamics, patiently help children relieve pressure, respect children’s ideas, establish equal and good interactive relations;Let the child memorize the parent’s contact information.For young children, when playing in crowded areas, do not let the children out of the sight of their parents, keep alert at all times;In addition, strengthen safety education for children, and tell children, if lost, should stay in place, seek help from the police around, do not run around or trust strangers.At the same time, let the child remember the parents telephone, address and work unit information, so as to find family members in time.What should parents do if their children are found missing?Call the police as soon as possible.As long as the child is not found immediately to the police, the police received a child lost alarm, will be the first time and the local police station contact, and will send this information to other police stations and traffic police and other relevant departments, all urban streets patrol police, will be put into the search for the missing child in the ranks.Parents can do their best to find them simultaneously.You can seek help from the media, and at the same time mobilize relatives and friends to release the missing person notice on wechat moments, Weibo and other platforms.Through the network platform, media search, search information can be more effectively conveyed to more people.