Analysis on the Process of Mountain Medicine Powder in market

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| yam flour process analytical market!E-commerce sells pictures, live sell goods by eloquence, dazzled, believe it is true, because most consumers do not understand, the promoter (anchor, customer service) is not a producer.There are so many Chinese herbal powder on the market, where is the difference?First, the difference between mountain medicine powder varieties, second, mountain medicine powder without additives, or tell the difference between true and false, pure impure, these two points are very important.Before speaking, say the existing market mountain medicine powder, really raw powder, cooked powder, skin powder, skin powder four, how to choose these four?It is better not to eat the cornstarch directly, but to eat it again after secondary processing, such as noodles and soup, so it is more convenient to cook the flour. As for peeling or peeling, the taste of peeling is better than that of peeling, and the difference is not big. It is best to choose peeling, because the skin of yam is rich in more nutritional elements.These four kinds of choose which can, early must be pure, good mountain medicine powder, additives are not as good as don’t, who also don’t know how many kinds of additives, how much harm, customer service really don’t know also dare not speak.First difference, Chinese yam, small Bai Zui yam, yam, brackets and yam, fine long hair yam, hemp yam, yam, huaiqing yam/iron yam and so on, look, silly points not clear, before they speak, the root is MiaoHong, many companies purchasing more than ordinary consumers professional, yam is bad, can’t speak other species as edible, medicinal and value, the preferred mountain iron powder.The second difference is that Chinese herb powder is not pure. Manufacturers intentionally or reluctantly add additives. The process problem is a big reason.Fresh yam is clear, sliced, dried (a small amount of production) or dried (a large amount of production) or smoked with sulfur (anti-corrosion but harmful), fried with wheat bran and ground into powder. It is fried with bran powder with dark pink, similar to rust color and burnt taste. Additives such as creaminess or maltodextrin are added to create a silky Chinese yam powder.Fresh yam by clear, section, drying or sulfur smoke, ground into powder, and then increase the rice powder puffed into powder, but the aluminum salt in the leavening agent is usually consumed by the human body within 15% can be metabolized, the rest remain in the body, damage brain function, affect the development, osteomalacia, etc., puffed powder without adding additives to adjust unknown;Several degrees of flower iron stick mountain herb powder, with coke as local huai iron stick yam processing production, after clear, sliced, steamed, freeze-dried, ground into powder, taste can be, taste general, with numbing and medicinal fragrance.(individual lots of false, such as starch powder, like this, too lazy to speak) yam flour the food process, in fact, simple, as long as the raw material is good, process is more than a few steps, of course, some businesses to tree new propaganda differentiation, 28, 36 steps process, comfort and originality slogan is, know that is it.