11 +12 points!Hu Jinqiu is no longer lonely, three towers online to make up for the shortcomings of the mansion, Wang Bo happiness

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As third stage event draws near, the liaoning men’s basketball team and the construction of men’s basketball team in the third stage games to a friendly match against liaoning stadium, after four confrontation, the liaoning men’s basketball team 82-81 victory over the poor men’s basketball team, the game metal although men’s basketball team loses, but there is still a great harvest, it is inside tower team play, become a highlight of the match.The game is also joining metal team debut, emeka okafor is expected, as the former NBA second show, in his debut was a lot of attention, especially the solid steps inside and good rebounding smell, once hailed as Duncan successor, but with the advent of the era of alliance speed and ball, emeka okafor has not effectively to adapt to, and many teams,But the effect is not ideal, under the poor men’s basketball team invited, he came to China, with the game, emeka okafor showed excellent paint technology, in the game repeatedly used individual steps to complete the end, the match had 11 points and reference, games, emeka okafor did not play too much time, personal performance and achieve expected effect.In 15 games with the Guangzhou Men’s Basketball Team this season, Jones averaged 17.9 points 9.3 rebounds 2.7 assists 1.4 steals per game, among which the 3-point shooting percentage can reach 40%. As an inside player,It will be a great help for the team to open up space, especially in the early days of the team, Jones’s performance was also a lot of doubts, as the game went on, Jones gradually found the team position, better condition, become an indispensable part of the team.In the past few seasons, the poor men’s basketball team is the team insider has long been criticized, the team just rely on Hu Jinqiu support, management team of the season has introduced two specialist, Jones and emeka okafor respectively at the perimeter cast away the team space, emeka okafor, as traditional center to complete the end inside, at the same time with Hu Jinqiu can effectively match the characteristics of the internal energy outside form,Construction of men’s basketball team will form inside three towers, for the team board will be a good supplement, believe that wang is very satisfied, the current construction of men’s basketball team’s record of (22), for wang, the goal of this season I hope to go further to the playoffs the last four and a better record, the inside of the tower will be very important.