Yangxin Sanitation Workers stick to their posts to make Spring Festival “cleaner”

2022-05-05 0 By

The Spring Festival, my county everywhere exudes a thick flavor of the Year.When people enjoy the joy of the festival and family and friends get together, the sanitation workers still stick to their posts, creating a clean and comfortable festival environment for the people of the county.Early in the morning, huang Lanying, a sanitation worker, is cleaning the street in the eastern new District of The city.One person, a car, a broom, she has been quietly adhere to their own post, from morning to night, rain or shine, with practical actions to interpret the sanitation worker spirit of “one dirty people clean”, heart, with love to do their own work.Huang Lanying is just one of nearly 3,000 sanitation workers in our county, who stick to the front line of their posts all year round.Xu Shaowen, responsible for garbage collection, began a day’s work at four o ‘clock in the morning every day, drove the garbage collection truck to the responsible section of the road to collect garbage, and then shipped to the garbage treatment station, 24 hours in turn, rest and do not rest the car, ensure the normal handover of the garbage collection truck, ensure the timely garbage collection.During the Spring Festival, the amount of garbage doubled, and so did his workload.During the Spring Festival, county sanitation center according to the arrangement of the county seat tube enforcement deployment, the establishment of the Spring Festival special sanitation supervision team, establish a “unified leadership, unified command, grading is responsible for the” environmental health management mechanism, to provide road cleaning, trash pickup, sanitation supervision work, to further consolidate and improve the quality and improve the environment where the health,For the county people to create an orderly, clean and tidy festival environment.