In 2021, GUANGDONG Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) helped enterprises reduce tariffs by 95 million US dollars

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On February 16th, the 2022 Guangdong Trade Promotion Conference and the 7th Second Board meeting of Guangdong International Chamber of Commerce was held in Guangzhou.Reporters learned from the conference that in 2021, CCPIT and its municipal visa agencies issued a total of 412,310 documents, helping enterprises to obtain more than 95 million US dollars of tariff reduction and 12.03 million RMB of enterprise certificate fee reduction.Fang Lixu, president of Guangdong Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), introduced that in 2021, guangdong’s economic and trade representative offices and overseas Guangdong Chamber of Commerce will organize more than 60 economic and trade activities abroad, facilitating a number of high-quality projects to settle in Guangdong.Among them, the Singapore representative Office facilitated sembcorp’s semiconductor analysis and test platform project to settle in China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, with a total investment of 2.5 billion YUAN.Israel representative office successfully introduced Zhongyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to set up a vaccine production base in Qingyuan (Guangfo Industrial Park) with a total investment of 550 million yuan.Face COVID – 19 outbreak under traditional means of “face-to-face” facilitation services limited by the new situation, the province ccpit and stronger “guangdong international trade figures for asiaworld-expo,” such as toys, electronics, textile and garment industry as the emphasis, guangdong boutique international trade figures show held seven games and supporting activities, more than 200 to more than 4000 small businesses provide free exhibition service in the home,More than 800,000 domestic and foreign buyers visited the exhibition and selected products online, promoting the digital transformation of Guangdong’s foreign trade enterprises to “cloud economy” and “home economy” and other new consumption formats.It is reported that in 2021, the Trade promotion system of Guangdong province issued more than 1.45 million foreign trade documents, accounting for 27% of the total volume of the national trade promotion system, an increase of more than 7.3% year on year, involving the export value of 47 billion DOLLARS.Among them, 264,000 preferential certificates of origin were issued, an increase of about 13.2% year on year, helping enterprises to obtain about $300 million in tariff reduction from importing countries.We have handled more than 170,000 business documents related to COVID-19, market access, and power rationing for enterprises.From January 1 to March 18 this year, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement (RCEP) entered into force in 12 countries in the region. The whole system should seize the opportunity and play an active role.Fang Lixu introduced that this year, ccPIT will promote the establishment of guangdong Business Alliance among RCEP member countries, and promote the guangdong business alliance, deep integration and strong cooperation in the region.We will continue to plan for the construction of overseas industrial parks in RCEP member states, and guide industries in hot areas such as furniture, building materials and clothing to “go global”.We will study and promote the joint construction and sharing of overseas warehouses among countries in the RCEP region, and support enterprises to use Thailand and Malaysia as commodity transfer and distribution hubs to smooth international logistics routes and expand two-way trade.Conference, on behalf of the guangdong foreign trade enterprises better research intelligent equipment co., LTD. General manager Chen zhihui lay waste to tell a reporter, epidemic situation, under the influence of all kinds of carton packaging requirements, to their company’s intelligent carton manufacturing machine in overseas market demand, with the help of the ccpit, the company’s export earnings up 30% last year, this year is accelerating to expand plant,After the completion of the new plant will achieve a 30% increase in capacity.Zhong Lizhao, chairman of waterhouse Coopers Group, also told reporters that in recent years, ccPIT helped enterprises solve the problem of imported environmental protection raw materials, and the company is overcoming the relevant “jam neck” technical problems in refining dangerous goods, and the future is expected to realize the product “go out”.Many foreign trade enterprises said that seizing the new opportunities of RCEP will bring better development prospects for foreign trade enterprises in Guangdong.In addition, CCPIT will study and promote the joint construction and sharing of overseas warehouses in countries within the RCEP region, and support enterprises to use Thailand and Malaysia as commodity transit and distribution hubs to smooth international logistics channels and expand two-way trade.Read: Yu Fanghua