“Honorary citizen of Guigang city” Wu Dajing, you are our pride!It is not a pity to spell

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13 at short track speed skating city honorary citizen of the men’s 500 m semi-final though Wu Dajing sorry for group A final pass the podium by world record and Olympic record still write the name of Wu Dajing post-match interview, Wu Dajing says it will do yourself, and go next game “will regret it so long for this game, after all, whether good or bad all the past,Accept regret last and relay or do their teammates together go all out every game as a “final” veteran, who turns 28 Wu Dajing always do our best “, “veteran” Wu Dajing has participated in the three games he first runner-up, and 500 meters relay in sochi games bronze medal pyeongchang games he has become the “king of the sprint” for the Chinese team under the spell when the only oneHis feet were badly deformed and covered with scars and calluses. Wu Dajing said:”I always take each game as a final than I don’t know will also participate in world competition” behind the games in the competition of each Chinese “veteran” is worthy of our respect in addition to Wu Dajing during the games in the competition also has a lot of hard work “veteran” is worthy of our respect also participated in the three Olympic winter games fan may new kiss movingly Gu Zongyang, Xu Mengtao ice after the gameQi Guangpu Four “elder fathers” of the Winter Olympics with a combined age of more than 90 years old won silver medal for China aerials mixed team X-ray shows Jia Zongyang’s left leg hit 22 steel nails They said: as long as there is a dream injury, age is not a problem!”The result was a little sad, but the process was very happy,” said CAI.Liu Jiayu said: “the coming days are long, the next battle!”CAI Xuetong liu Jiayu “veteran” Wu Dajing will go to the men’s 5000m short track speed skating relay again with his teammates on February 16.On March 4, 2018, Wu Dajing, the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Champion and world record holder of men’s 500-meter short track speed skating, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of guigang International Marathon.On April 27, 2018, the 14th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fifth Guigang People’s Congress decided to award Wu Dajing the title of “Honorary citizen of Guigang city”.