Small collection of eschatological articles | Salted Fish Into eschatological Articles, I Have a Fan, Machine of State

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Table of Contents 1. ‘Salted Fish Into the End of the World’ author: milk fragrance 2. ‘I have an Arbitrary door’ author: Lu Greed 3. ‘State Machine’ author: Kunshan Yu 4.Jiang Miao miao into an eschatological article, become a trivial small cannon fodder.She decided to lie down and die as long as she could, hiding at home.In order to eat and drink well before she died, she hid a lot of supplies.How expect a man to break into her house one day, incredibly more than her salt fish, stay here do not walk.Her three boxes of chips, eaten by a man.Her six boxes of snail noodles, eaten by men.Her ten boxes of walnuts, boo-boo-boo-boo-boo!Jiang Miao miao furious, decided to throw him out.Secretly tracking him late at night, but saw him walk into the zombie pile, hand from the knife, kill that call a handsome.The man cleaned up the dirt and came back, pushing her to wake up.”Spicy duck neck give me a” Jiang Miao miao decisive hands on, “eat, all belong to you!”An amazing thing happened after that. Her supplies…Why are you eating more and more?Farming, sweet article about a word: meet with a bigger salted fish conception: self-reliance work profile: swallow swallow after seeing the first feeling is that if I also wear into the last days so I can also like tying in advance or otherwise, to live long is too long, live not bottom go to ji ji, a family all have no, a weak woman, a cross in the last days, heaven help!!!!!!So she whole salty fish I also quite understand, there is no one can accompany with their own people, will not have the courage.This eschatological article is a little special, the previous article has been two people, very sweet, two people primary school chicken as super also funny!2. “I Have an Arbitrary Door” by Lu Greed: Lou Tianbao accidentally involved in twelve doomsday world.Then she realized she had a little master key.A key that can open a room anywhere you want.Lou Tianbao opened a safe house in the horrible world;A little warming cellar in the freezing world;A presidential suite in the primordial world…Others are struggling to survive in esquire, Lou Tianbao turns the tide to save the world, attracted a large number of pursuers at the same time.Beauty absolutely atlanto mermaid president contract for her sea, paranoid belly black terror killer hand picked the stars for her forgiveness, steady tacit understanding dragon proud day adhere to follow her.Lou Tianbao:…No, thanks.For a time she thought she would concentrate on her career and not be disturbed by love.Who knows to turn a head, the foot side gave more a small ball son.Small tuanzi valiant and lovely, will change into a cat, a dog, a tiger.It’s the mascot of the apocalypse….At least that’s what Lou Tianbao thought until he shed his skin.(Skin is one of the many pursuers) Quick wear female strong text unlimited flow a brief introduction: twelve arbitrary function door, alongside me safely through the end of the world resolution: female self-reliance, by science and technology to rebuild human society 3. “State Machine” author: Kunshan Jade text:Rebirth in the last days before the start of two hours, in order to avoid the disasters of the past, Ye Mingxiao risk revealing his rebirth is, choose immediately inform countries started early warning, using the prophet and national cooperation in disaster relief, and use the class features spread to the people the right way to circumvent the last times, from the beginning made unremitting efforts for salvation.During this period, through the battle with all the troops, she did not stop to improve the strength of their own and teammates, fundamentally changed their fate and all the people.Work profile: view in this paper, from the Japanese in the end what is seen, great reflects in the face of disaster, people together and help each other, unity is strength, spend the difficulties such as the best in human nature, and in this big background, the state machinery strong organization ability and the vast amounts of energy, is a carry forward positive and optimistic positive energy piece.”After rebirth, I handed over the alien world” author: Sweet Qiao copywriting: When mu came back from the end of life after the first thing to do, is to go to hand over their own.When mu has a huge plug, is a free access to the vast foreign world.The system that binds her does not ask it to be silent, has no enterprise to speak at all. As the host, Shimu also follows the development of the Buddhist system, only regards the alien world as a secret back garden, and occasionally goes shopping and does tasks. After the end of the world breaks out, she knows what she has missed.Food decay, zombie siege, plant changes, extreme heat and cold, and other natural disasters, will be unprepared for the people on the desperate.When mu saved many people to their own foreign world, but was killed by malicious people, born back to the eschaton shortly before the time.This time, she did not hesitate to come clean to the country.Elite troops and experts from all walks of life to follow when mu to foreign, found that the aborigines here were actually guarding the natural treasure to live a difficult simple life, so enthusiastically extend a helping hand, began the life of mutual help.Don’t worry. We’re good at this!Ingredients don’t know how to cook, don’t worry, we’re good at food!Wild beasts roam the wild, don’t worry, we’re good at hunting!What?Found a weird monster lair that explodes magic scrolls?Elite units are ready to move now!…Some countries are strongly dissatisfied with the abnormal actions of the Rong Guo, and even fabricated and confounded right and wrong out of thin air, calumniating that the Rong Guo has bad intentions, repeatedly forcing the Rong Guo on diplomatic occasions, in an attempt to profit from it.When the apocalypse broke out, the world was in a panic, but the Nation of Prosperity remained in order.Zombie siege?We have an elite team of well-trained warriors, one against a hundred!Plant mutation?We have magic scrolls that we can throw to set monster plants on fire!Short of food and clothing?We have a stable distribution of rice, flour, grain, oil and cloth.Some countries are so anxious that their eyes are red: how come you are totally different from ours??When mu open mai slowly return a way: this have to ask yourself.* After a long time, Shi Mu was asked: “at the beginning, how simply choose to hand over the country?Aren’t you afraid?”Shi Muyouyou said with a smile, “As long as it is good for the country, I am willing to sacrifice my life. How can I be afraid?”Not men * * system empathy, please don’t plug in plane Angle plane aspect can have explained in detail in the later * she started just a ordinary people, good heart, rebirth before the sudden ability is insufficient, not an decisive type tying latter-day system about a word: shuang wen infrastructure struggle for national survival conception: countries even, flight from the works of fortune or misfortune profile:When she mu from the eschatological rebirth, will inform the rongguo in advance and handed over their own.Glory country sends elite troops and all walks of life expert, in different bound and reality two bound to deal with the coming eschatage made each preparation, unite as one, after eschatage comes the whole world is immersed in panic, try one’s best to protect the national, brave to fight the eschatage of another hidden situation.This article is fluent, refined, novel, sincere and full of feelings, depicting the future under the background of the eschatological atmosphere of a different kind of feelings, worth reading.5. “Ye An” by: From Afar Copywriter: Ye an never thought that rebirth would happen to him.Coming to the post-disaster earth, the only thing he can do is to survive, whatever it takes to survive.Through time and space power inspirational life in the future of an empty sentence introduction: after the disaster, Ye an wilderness survival idea: strong struggle, indomitable works brief comments:This eschatological article is really cruel eschatological article, although the male hero is reborn, but it is to fall in the eschatological many years later, the author is very strong, can completely fight with the male frequency of the eschatological article, but not very long, after reading this no matter how bad the environment, people become more complex, there will be love!He who is strong is really strong!