Listed in the next year, the good shop is trapped in the dilemma of increasing income without increasing profits and weakening profitability

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Editor guide language: Lack of enough innovative products, it can not meet the consumer expectations for his consumption, resulting in the lack of product innovation dividend, long-term channel expansion and flow with goods in the mire.Recently, “high-end snacks the first share” good shop first disclosed the snack industry’s first annual report.Data show that in 2021, liangpin store to achieve operating revenue of 9.324 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 18.11%, all channels of revenue growth, including online and offline growth of 21% and 16% respectively.However, while operating income growth, good goods shop also fell into the dilemma of increasing income does not increase profits.The annual report shows that in 2021, liangpin shop to the mother’s net profit of 282 million yuan, a year-on-year decline of 18.06%.It is worth mentioning that this is the second annual report of Liangpin shop since it was listed. In the second year of listing, it fell into the dilemma of increasing income without increasing profit. The reason is that the rapid growth of selling expenses and operating costs of Liangpin Shop pulled down the gross profit margin in the same period and then led to the decline of net profit.At the same time, in 2021, the profitability of the good shop indicators have different degrees of weakening.After the closing bell on the evening of March 21, Ryopin Store disclosed its 2021 financial results.Data show that in 2021, liangpin stores to achieve operating income of 9.324 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 18.11%, including main business income of 9.144 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 18.97%.In terms of channels, the online revenue of Liangpin Stores in 2021 was 4.858 billion yuan, up 21.42% year-on-year, accounting for 53.13% of the main business revenue;The offline revenue was 4.286 billion yuan, up 16.31% year-on-year, accounting for 46.87% of the main business revenue, which made the online and offline channels of Liangpin Store grow in a balanced way, but did not restore its revenue growth to the pre-epidemic state. In 2019, the revenue growth of Liangpin Store was 20.97%.It is understood that each shop started with the offline and online income can now with offline revenue “rival”, there is little not good parts shop in the expansion of the major channels, it is understood that each shop is focused on the trill quickly platform, and depth and trill, quickly head’s cooperation, at the same time, through Meituan bottom, thriving community group such as platform,Penetration coverage of community users.In addition, it also relies on local life services, Ali ecology and wechat ecology to integrate high-quality check-out resources, expand the scope and radius of store services, expand and operate the flow of store circle in a multi-dimensional way, deposit private users and make the coverage of liangpingzi more extensive.As for the growth of operating income, marketing expert Lu Shengzhen believes that in 2021, the performance of Liangpin Store will increase from two aspects: one is the expansion of channels in markets all over the country, which brings the absolute growth of channel coverage and drives the growth of online performance.The second is that in 2021, Liangpin Shop relied on the private flow of leading traffic stars such as Lee Seung-hyun, Zhang Zhilin and Zhu Guagua to drive the rapid growth of its sales performance on social live streaming platforms.Income not ZengLi ryohin keikaku shop CEO hong-chun Yang had good parts shop in 2020, the sixth annual supplier conference said “always adhere to quality first, and strive to realize blunt billions to billions of targets”, and now billions target “linger”, but it is at the expense of profits for the, data show that the mother good parts shop in 2021 net profit of 282 million yuan,Year-on-year decline of 18.06%.For good parts shop income not ZengLi, road wins the zhen told hydrogen of finance and economics “although ryohin keikaku shop take, zhang on the performance of growth has played a huge role in promoting, but in 2021 the private domain traffic business costs generally on the high side, especially the head anchor commission generally 20-45% of goods with the goods in the left and right sides, especially in traffic star under the background of collective killed 2021,The cost of carrying goods required by the remaining traffic stars is rising all over the world. Although good shop online has achieved good sales, the cost of carrying goods and endorsements of traffic stars accounts for most of the sales, which directly leads to the reduction of the actual profit of good shop.”Specifically, in 2021, the sales expense of good stores reached 1.672 billion yuan, up 29.8% year on year, and the sales expense ratio reached 17.93%, up 1.61 percentage points year on year. The reason for the increase is mainly the increase of promotion expense. The company increases the cost of precise promotion to promote exposure and attract sales growth.Among them, with the increase of the scale of social e-commerce business, promotion costs will increase.And with the growth of sales scale, the purchase cost of liangpin shop also increases. In 2021, the operating cost of the department reaches 6.828 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 18.3%. It is precisely because of the substantial growth of sales expenses and operating costs that its total operating cost increases by 20.65% to 9.043 billion yuan, with a growth rate exceeding the aforementioned growth rate of operating revenue.As a result, its gross profit margin decreased by 0.09 percentage points to 26.77%, resulting in a year-on-year decline of 18.06% in the mother’s net profit of Liangpin Shop in 2021 to 282 million yuan.In addition, Lu Shengzhen also said that “in order to enhance the profitability of the newly opened stores, Liangpin shop through Ali ecology, wechat ecology to broaden the scope and radius of the store service, multi-dimensional expansion and operation of the store circle flow, sediment private domain users, but the early cost of increasing powder is too high pulled down the profitability of the newly opened stores.”Under the influence of the decline of gross profit margin, profitability indicators such as net profit margin, return on net assets and return on total assets of Liangpin Shop are also weakened to varying degrees.Yang Hongchun once said: “Product competitiveness is the core problem, product innovation is the biggest pain point.The ‘moat’ of differentiated competition must be research and innovation.”, Liangpin shop has always said that “the company is mainly engaged in leisure food research and development, procurement, sales, logistics distribution and operation business……”But good goods shop earnings data, seems to be contrary to this view.Data show that in 2021, the r&d expense of good shop is 39.67 million yuan, up 17.64% year on year, and the R&D expense ratio is only 0.43%, which is flat with the previous year, which is in sharp contrast to the sales expense ratio of hundreds of millions of yuan and nearly 20%, and the R&D expense ratio of good shop has never reached 1% in the past few years.It never even exceeded 0.6 percent.In addition, the proportion of r&d personnel in the good shop is not high. In 2021, the number of R&D personnel in the good shop is 165, accounting for only 1.45% of the total number of employees.”The innovation space of snack food is nothing more than the change of packaging, taste and product form.But in the leisure food market and its sufficient condition, every innovation of each food brands become very difficult, even innovate immediately drew the imitation of rush to dividend disappear soon lead to innovation, sometimes huge r&d is a thankless job, this is a snack food companies are willing to imitate, to research and development of the important reasons.”Lu shengzhen said, “Based on this reality, liangpin Stores are hesitant to invest in research and development, which reflects the shortcomings of snack food in general.”Imedia once believed that the food e-commerce industry has serious product homogeneity under the same food category. For example, three Squirrels, Baicaowei, Liangpin Shop, Qiqiaqi and other snack brands have launched small packages of mixed nuts, and the types of nuts are relatively similar.This is enough to show that good shop, three squirrels and other leisure food all have the same problem.And this problem is not ZengLi lies in fine products shop in today, the reason for difficulties in road wins the zhen said “for each shop, lack of innovative products, also can’t satisfy consumer consumption expectation on him, lead to the lack of product innovation bonuses, long-term in the expansion of the channel and flow with the goods.”Author: Wang Tingyan Editor: Wang Tingyan