“Handling a case is handling the lives of the parties involved!”As a reminder, she settled her late husband’s debts

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Procuratorial organs in Ningde, Fujian province, handled 238 cases of civil supervision in 2021, up 25.3 percent from the same period last year.Among them, 9 appealed to the superior procuratorate, 3 protested, 5 retrial procuratorial suggestions were issued, and 11 retrial sentences were changed.We issued 47 procuratorial suggestions on civil execution, trial procedures and comprehensive governance, all of which were adopted and corrected…Behind the gorgeous “report card”, cannot leave the ningde procuratorial organ the civil procuratorial departments combined with education, political science and history of the party team education rectification, according to the municipal people’s procuratorate of the integrated use of relief to deal with difficult people interests appeal cases, civil procuratorial never stayed “case requirements, promote the civil procuratorial functions and for the people” depth fusion, precision to achieve judicial supervision,We will use our hearts and minds to solve the “urgent difficulties and worries” that affect the vital interests of the people, and effectively enhance their sense of gain, happiness, and security.A reminder helped her solve her late husband’s debt problem. Ms. Lin could not have dreamed of it. A reminder from her friend asked her to apply to the procuratorial organ for supervision, which really solved the problem.Originally, Ms. Lin’s husband Xie mou before death in some insurance company Xiapu branch insured a security loan insurance, and did not inform the family members of the insurance matters.Later, xie mou dies, Madam Lin just knows the thing that insure.Resorting to the court to claim compensation, but because Ms. Lin and other family members failed to prove that the insured Xie mou is accidental death, their lawsuit was rejected.After the party sent the flag to thank the procuratorate verdict effective, Ms. Lin was confused.On the occasion of about to give up, a friend told her that she could apply for procuratorial supervision, she held the mentality of trying to find xiapu County Procuratorate.Xiapu County procuratorate accepted the case and appealed to the higher procuratorate.After being checked, ningde’s procuratorate when signing insurance contract with the insurance company, there is not a health check in insurant Xie Mou fault, families of Ms. Lin and others an insured in Xie Mou unwittingly cremate bodies there is no fault, and unable to find out the situation in the cause of death, the insurance company shall bear part of the burden of proof for interests.The court adopted the procuratorial organ’s protest opinion, in accordance with the principle of fault proportion, the insurance company to compensate Ms. Lin and others 200,000 yuan, for them to solve the debt problem after xie mou died pressure on its body.Ms. Lin was so grateful that in November 2021, she presented a brocade flag to xiapu County and Ningde City procuratorate to express her gratitude.In August 2021, a stone that had been in the hearts of mashan and Guanjing villagers for four years finally fell to the ground.Ningde city prosecutorial organs in accordance with the power of a civil retrial case, the court changed the judgment, for the village collective to recover nearly 10 million yuan loss.In 2014, masan village, Guanjing village village committee and a real estate company signed a cooperation agreement, by the village committee to provide village reserved land, the real estate company to provide development and construction funds in the form of development and construction project cooperation.Later, the contract could not be performed because the aforesaid reservation was publicly auctioned by other subjects, and the court judged the village Committee to be in breach of the contract and ordered it to pay the company a loss of more than 13.79 million yuan for the initial operating expenses.The case involves a large amount of money, involving the loss of collective interests of the village, the masses reflect strongly, many letters and visits, and to ningde City jiaocheng District procuratorate application for supervision.Jiaocheng District Procuratorate of Ningde City submitted a protest to Ningde City Procuratorate.The Ningde Procuratorate found that there was evidence that the village committee had fulfilled its obligation to make it clear to relevant departments that the land parcel should be listed and traded as a cooperative development project.The site was eventually auctioned, through no fault of the village council.And this case involves the collective interests of the village, related to the vital interests of each villager, must be timely and properly solved, conducive to resolving the conflict, Ningde City Procuratorate decided to lodge a protest according to the authority.The court accepted the appeal of the procuratorial organ and held that neither party was at fault for failing to perform the cooperation agreement after the retrial.However, the company claimed that land acquisition, compensation for demolition and pre-construction costs were necessary expenditures. In accordance with the principle of fairness, the village committee was revised to pay the company a total of more than 4.17 million yuan in related expenses and interest.At this point, this lasted nearly 4 years of civil dispute case drew a satisfactory end.Civil procuratorial supervision, as the last link for the parties to seek judicial relief, often has deep grievances, and the procuratorial reconciliation work is faced with great difficulties and challenges.In May 2021, ningde City Procuratorate handled a loan contract dispute case between Yu A and Yu B is this type of case.The conflict between the two parties in the case has accumulated for 23 years, and the opposing emotions have been accumulating.In order to avoid the contradiction to continue to intensify, endless litigation tired, prosecutors in the full investigation and verification of the basis, patiently and carefully carried out interpretation of the work of reasoning, to promote both sides to take the initiative to compromise, to resolve the conflict to lay a good foundation.A hearing for the shaking hands at the same time, the prosecutor, give plenty of time to fully dialogue communication between parties, and invited both sides are familiar with a retired prosecutors involved in the case of mediation, compromise and eventually led to both sides, reach a settlement, XiSu visit, from “no” to “accommodation”, “rational” solution “hate”.”Handling a case is handling the lives of the parties involved!To strengthen civil procuratorial work, the professional level of civil procurators is very high.”Ningde City procuratorate related person in charge said.To this end, ningde city procuratorial organs put the construction of civil procuratorial team on an important position, the establishment of case handling group or special personnel, matching strong civil procuratorial team.Through carrying out and participating in professional competitions, the legal supervision capacity of civil procuratorial teams will be further improved.It is worth mentioning that in 2021, 13 policemen from ningde Procuratorial organs stood out in the provincial and municipal civil procuratorial competition and won the honorary titles of model and expert respectively.At the same time, we will carry out one-to-one assistance activities for public procurators and young assistant public procurators, give full play to the leading and exemplary role of outstanding talents, and promote and improve the overall quality of civil procurators and their case-handling ability.