Dream west tour: sell limit brocade clothes, the price less dozen 0, the seller estimate wants crazy

2022-05-04 0 By

Fantastic journey to the West is staged every day wonderful anecdotes.Sincerely wish to give me some attention to the friends can make a fortune as soon as possible, take no level, to achieve our childhood dream!Daily life less 0 links to daily less 0 links, we have a look today and what nerve big players put the wrong price.This limited-edition gift box of Incandescent Cloud Satin has been neglected, so the price is very cheap, and it keeps coming down.The seller’s already down to $55 million.Sold so long time, dot card money lost many, today, fate opened a joke to him once again, hit a 0 less when putting on the shelves, that is to say lost 50 million for nothing.Must have added insult to injury for him.The following player is more outrageous exaggeration, xiaobian suspect that he is deliberately put the wrong price, and then the eyeball.The actual price of the 70 weapon is 105000.But he listed one weapon as 10500 and another weapon as 1050. I don’t see how he could have done that if it wasn’t intentional.Another possibility is that they were already drunk when they set up the stall.The nine color deer reward peak because of nine color deer this adventure copy of the best reward is also big five treasure, has not seen the amnesty token at present.So if a 50-50 team can get two big five is the ultimate reward.Today, however, a five-open player refreshed our knowledge once again.All five of his numbers were rewarded!Including three big five treasures, a warcraft tips, a gold and silver box.Even more outrageous is the five open player’s name is all please call me dog tuo.Is it true that such a name can be a dog trust, there is really a bonus?