Beijing meteorological observatory issued a blue alert for heavy snow and travel tips

2022-05-04 0 By

Beijing, February 13 (CNR.CN) — From the night of February 12 to the morning of February 13, 2022, Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued blue warning signals for blizzard, yellow warning signals for fog and yellow warning signals for road icing.It is reported that Beijing 13 daytime has medium to heavy snow, local blizzard, east wind two or three, the highest temperature -2 ℃;Night overcast with light snow, east to north wind two or three, the lowest temperature minus 6℃.It is expected that the accumulative snowfall will be more than 4mm in most areas, and about 10mm in the northern and western parts of China. Please take precautions.Beijing Meteorological Station warm tips, during the snowfall visibility is low, the road is wet, there is obvious snow and ice, the weather is cold, pay attention to traffic safety and keep warm.