A sudden!Ganzhou viaduct five car pileup

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Back-to-school ganzhou of major road traffic peak also coincided with a continuous rain on the road traffic situation happen from time to tome not excepting elevated road wet weather the rain not taken easily happened traffic accident in 2022 when February 16, 17, 21 in hospitality (west to east direction) on the highway 5 rail traffic accident happened.Monitoring shows that the party luo driving gan B1***4 small car along the Yingbin viaduct from west to east, to the Yangmeidu bridge section, due to the speed too fast brake is not timely, and the front of the same direction driving Gan B8***6 car collision,Resulting in gan B8***6 car and the front license plate Gan BQ***1 and GAN B0***2 of the two cars have a serial collision, causing five cars different degrees of damage to the traffic accident.Finally, Luo was driving too fast and did not keep a safe distance from the car in front, which was the main cause of the pile-up accident. Luo was fully responsible for the accident.There are many factors that cause rear-end collisions, such as speeding, random lane changes, etc., which ultimately come down to not maintaining a safe distance. So how do you avoid being rear-end?No speeding data shows that on dry horizontal roads, the braking distance is about 70 meters at 80 km/h, 101 meters at 100 km/h, and 173 meters at 140 km/h!When the front car encounters the emergency brake, if the car behind in the same lane is speeding, it is easy to have the rear-end accident.02. Irregular lane change and random lane change on parallel expressway will easily disrupt the traffic order and cause the rear vehicles to avoid danger.When the driver intends to change lanes, it is necessary to observe whether there is an approaching car in the rear through the rearview mirror of the vehicle, confirm that there is enough safe distance, and then turn on the turn signal 3 seconds in advance to inform the driver in the rear that he intends to change lanes to remind his attention.03. Learn to brake control the speed when the driver found the front of the vehicle brake, must brake to remind the car, one is to continue to maintain the distance, two is to remind the car deceleration, avoid rear-end collision.Try not to follow vehicles that block your line of sight. If you follow a large vehicle, your line of sight will be completely blocked and you will not be able to observe the road ahead.If you have to follow, slow down and increase the safe distance. When you’re sure it’s safe to overtake, look for an opportunity.05. Bad weather increases the safety distance from the car to improve attention in bad weather, in the case of fog, rain, snow, dust, hail and other low visibility meteorological conditions, should be more cautious, driving distance increased more than double, pay attention to maintain a safe distance, prevent car rear-end.In fact, the most important methods to prevent rear-end collision and rear-end collision are as follows: 1. Keep a safe distance from the cars in front and behind, leaving enough reaction time and distance for yourself and others;Drive carefully, concentrate, obey traffic laws and regulations, do not speed, change lanes at will, etc.Again, keep the safe distance really good!Heavy!Want to!