Wang Ziwen took on a difficult yoga challenge, wearing a sports back to show her heart and waist, and her legs are as long as her arms

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On Jan 26, Prince Wen posted a recent photo of himself practicing yoga on social media.Wearing a red and white pattern yoga suit, she posed upside down and other difficult yoga poses. Her flexibility and core strength are very strong, and it can be seen that she has been exercising regularly in private.And she herself is also very well maintained because of the state of exercise, 38 years old slim slim without fat, calves and arms as long as the proportion is quite superior, completely can not see that she is only about 160cm.Netizens have left comments in the comment section to praise Wang ziwen’s prowess and good state, and her beauty is still so good-looking, worthy of being a goddess.Since her ode to Joy hit the big time, prince Wen has been rumored to be married with children and has been photographed taking her baby out with her, but she has not responded directly.It wasn’t until an appearance on variety show “Heartache” that she admitted for the first time that she did have a son, and later posted pictures of her with him online.As for the child’s biological father, Wang did not reveal any information, except that the two are separated.Wang ziwen and wu Yongen, her date in Heartthrob, have been honest about their baby, and their relationship is now growing steadily.In the interview, Wang ziwen did not shy away from talking about her boyfriend, generous show of love hair dog food, she admitted that Wu Yongen’s appearance is her favorite type, and praised the man has been very supportive and encouraging to her, gave her very stable emotional support.After the two together quite in tune, Prince Wen is obviously getting better and better, is completely in love with the appearance.I wish her and Wu Yong ‘en a successful marriage and look forward to their better and better works.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete