I look for spring in Wuhan, to find a small tiger!

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Wuhan Spring Festival where to play?Why don’t you go to the park and look for the tigers?In addition to the real tiger in Wuhan Zoo, Jiufeng Forest zoo and other animal theme parks, other urban parks appear more and more “art tiger”, thick “tiger smell”, make these parks add tiger tiger vitality.Yellow Crane Tower Park hundred tiger exhibition, liberation Park tulip flower exhibition, Ziyang Park tiger year art exhibition, there are major parks for plum blossom beauty…Wuhan New Year’s wonderful flower overflow for you on the arrangement.Yellow Crane Tower Park hidden tiger year of the White Cloud pavilion to find the tiger!The tiger of the Year of Nonyin will come with the first snow of the New Year.On the second floor of white Cloud Pavilion in yellow Crane Tower Park, “There is a Space” displays more than 100 fierce or cute ceramic tigers from January 25 to February 28.This is a good place to go.In the White Cloud Pavilion of the Yellow Crane Tower Park, “There is a Space” displays more than 100 ceramic tigers, some fierce and some cute, from January 25 to February 28.This is a good place to go.More than 50 ceramic artists and artisans gathered to create more than 100 tigers-themed ceramic works.A group of round, round tigers in the shape of blue and white porcelain, either belly up, arms and legs spread out, eyes closed, or small eyes squint, mouth beeping as if sneaking sneaking…This group is the work of young designers, subvert the traditional culture in the majesty, domineering tiger modelling aesthetic, combined with young people like the “cat” fashion.Year of the Tiger looking for the tiger, yellow Crane Tower Park Baiyun Pavilion is not to be missed a stop.Be sure to check them out.The 16th Tulip Exhibition in Jiefang Park will be held from January 31 to March 2, 2021.180,000 tulips in different colors will accompany the citizens to see the Spring Festival.The theme of the tulip exhibition in Liberation Park is “Charming Wuhan”. The exhibition area is about 8,000 square meters, and there will be about 180,000 exquisite tulips and about 60,000 POTS of primula, cinnabar orange, time flower and other flowers on display.The park management office related person in charge of the introduction, the main exhibition area is located in the liuying slope next to The Jiahui Square, “charming Wuhan”, “star dance”, “magic lantern gallery”, “children’s fun float” and other nodes.In addition, door no. 2 and Door No. 1 have the main tulip scene and flower border respectively.How to shoot tulip sea in tiger year atmosphere?Small green teach you to bring props, take creative photos of the rippling New Year flavor.This is not, a “tiger” by them placed in the tulip flowers, patted out of the picture in the face, really a bit “drunk lying in the shade of flowers” feeling it.”Meng” tiger infested!A young mother holding her daughter’s hand was watching the rainforest in ziyang Park’s tropical rainforest pavilion when suddenly a tiger jumped out, bared its teeth and PAWS and danced the “tiger step dance”.Mother and daughter were slightly surprised at first, and then laughed together: “It’s fake!”This “tigger” in the park, it from time to time in the north gate rockery, tropical rainforest pavilion, Ziyang Pavilion, Plum garden, golden children’s playground “come and go”, let visitors feel a surprise.The Yihe Art Museum, on the second floor of the garden’s shared space, is holding an exhibition of Xu Chaolong’s New Year paintings.Come to Ziyang Park to see the Year of the Tiger art exhibition, appreciate the tiger together, set 100 blessing!In Wuhan, every major park has a good place to enjoy plums for free.In the century-old Zhongshan Park, the wax plum blossoms on the mountain are full of brilliance.Bring a tiger, “manual” climb trees, lying in the flowers, full of flavor.This is lying on the wax plum branches of the tiger, with a dignified tiger body, but love flowers of tenderness, is a strong and soft “little tiger”.In changqing Park in Jianghan District, a new forest of merlin is planted next to the new scenic air corridor.Next to the tennis court in the central district, merlins, newly planted last spring, are already blooming.Plum Blossom Hill in Castle Peak Park is a popular “old” card point for appreciating plum blossoms.There are more than 50 plum varieties, 350 strains.Tanghu Park in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone (Hannan District) has planted more than 500 plum blossoms, and nearly 50 red plum blossoms have just blossomed, all of which are gulihong.”Snow plum” and “powdery palace plum” in hongshan Square and “palace pink plum” near Pingsha Waterside pavilion in Qinyuan (Area A) of Shahu Park have also been opened.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com