Does the price of train tickets vary depending on the language passengers choose?SNCF response

2022-05-03 0 By

Paris SNCF’s new ticketing system, SNCF Connect, has been criticised by buyers since it was launched on February 19th.It has been found that ticket prices for individual trains vary depending on the language interface.SNCF has a response.Riders recently noticed that the same SNCF train, for example, from Paris to Barcelona at 10:14 on March 16, showed a fare of 34 euros on the French page and 122 euros on the Belgian page.A number of people have taken to social media to complain about the problem, saying they have experienced similar problems with SNCF booking, sometimes with significant price differences.SNCF confirmed the situation, explaining that France has promotional prices that do not apply to foreign countries.”There is currently a promotion on some international routes of the TGV (from 14 to 20 February),” a SNCF spokesman told the media.Depending on the destination, the promotion is only open to the French market, so fares will vary.For example: France-Spain and France-Germany.”But, surprisingly, SNCF’s ticketing system does not determine whether a fare is good based on an IP address, but simply uses the language of the user’s choice.Based on such a simple standard, fares can be easily converted.For example, if you choose the French screen, paris-Barcelona tickets will cost 56 euros on March 26 at 12:14, but if you choose Italian, it will cost 111.10 euros.As a result, Italians living in France (in Italian) may not be able to take advantage of the promotion, while French people living in Italy (in French) will be able to see lower fares.This contradicts SNCF’s claim that the promotion is only for France.It’s important to note that this price difference only exists on SNCF Connect. Other apps, such as Trainline or Kelbillet, don’t have the same price, regardless of which country or language the user chooses.An SNCF spokesperson said the language-based price difference is unrelated to the newly deployed SNCF Connect ticketing platform.Since its launch in late January, the platform has received poor reviews from users.In addition to fare issues, SNCF Connect reportedly has other issues, such as compatibility issues with iPhone Wallets and the fact that the lowest prices displayed at the top of the interface often don’t match the actual prices.