Wind from the south shore | 16, 1619, 16

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16 1619 16 Qinfeng Huzhou speed, how fast?16, 1619, 16 this group of figures, fully explain how fast Huzhou speed — 16 hours, completed 160,000 people at 1619 sites of nucleic acid testing.In the early morning of 15th, a construction worker in Nanxun District of Huzhou city was diagnosed as asymptomatic coronavirus infection.Construction sites are densely populated with workers from all over the country, which is a key area and a key link in epidemic prevention and control.All enterprises and construction sites should take immediate action to organize and ensure that the number of people is clear, the head is clear, the position is clear and the control situation is clear.By 24:00 on The 15th, nucleic acid testing and sampling of more than 160,000 people at 1,619 construction sites in the city were completed.”Speed is the king of war.”Various forces quickly gathered, enterprises, construction sites, medical care, public security, material supply, service guarantee, under a mature collaborative mechanism.The sampling work site is tense and efficient without losing temperature, which is huzhou speed.Some netizens said that when they saw the workers lined up neatly and methodically, they felt the strength of unity once again.In the face of the encounter, the medical staff, workers and other security forces with the highest efficiency of the first time to run in front of the virus.In the face of the epidemic, The city of Huzhou always shows a different speed and temperature. The epidemic was unexpected, but we were not caught off guard.In a race against time and in a fierce battle against the virus, we are fighting a battle of scientific precision and efficient coordination with speed and temperature. We believe that scientific and precise epidemic prevention and control are the right way to epidemic prevention.As the saying goes, “Ten thousand men are invincible in the world”, the resonance of 160,000 people is also the solidarity of more than 3.4 million Huzhou people, which is the invincible power.Watching the scene video, I found that in the quiet queue, a worker was taking a selfie in front of the sunshine behind him. Huzhou’s triumphalism in the face of the epidemic made him have such a good attitude, which is a kind of tolerance and also a kind of belief that, yes, we can always believe in Huzhou unconditionally.Source: Huzhou News media Center editor: Mei Jing Jing prevention and control tips