Diabetic can’t eat steamed bread?Warning: Really not edible, or any of these foods

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While with the progress of the society, the changing of people’s living conditions better, people’s quality of life also gradually increase dietary levels also had more significant increase, and have taken place in people’s diet structure is also larger changes, but also because of dietary structure transformation, which many people suffering from various chronic diseases, such as diabetes and high blood sugar,Hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other diseases seriously harm people’s health.Diabetes is the most common chronic disease in middle-aged and elderly people, but according to today’s findings, diabetes has gradually reached young people.Although now the development of science and technology has been constantly and progress, but for diabetes and high class of disease and other chronic metabolic disease and cerebrovascular disease, heart is no more good radical cure, can only be through long-term drug to maintain stable blood sugar levels in the body, besides eat medicine on time, of course, people with diabetes in daily life,You also need to pay more attention to your diet.In dietary respect people pay more attention to is diabetes must observe things, such as diabetes people can not eat sugar, in their daily lives to stay away from sugar high food intake of starch content of less as far as possible even at the same time more and more carbohydrates, recently there are rumors that people with diabetes eat steamed bun not conducive to regulate the blood sugar level of reasonable, whether this statement is correct?Is there any scientific evidence?I’m sure you’re all curious. Let’s take a look.Can diabetic patients not eat steamed bread?It is known to all that steamed bread is the staple food of people in the north, and they cannot leave steamed bread for every meal. However, it is said that people with diabetes should not eat steamed bread, because steamed bread contains a large amount of starch, which will lead to a rapid rise in blood glucose index after eating it.In fact, this statement is a little too one-sided, diabetes patients can eat some steamed bread properly, I do not know if we have steamed bread, chewing for a long time will feel full hair sweet, this is because the polysaccharide in steamed bread in the mouth of saliva enzymes slowly revealed, so more sweet.The ratio of polysaccharide and starch in steamed bread is basically the same, and the sugar in steamed bread belongs to the polysaccharide glycemic index slowly. Therefore, if the patient’s blood glucose level is kept in a stable state, as long as the intake of steamed bread is well controlled, blood glucose will not rise rapidly.02 remind: really can’t eat, or the several kinds of food (1) nuts now near year, every family must have a lot of nuts, these nuts are also used to entertain people as well as a pastime of small snacks, although these nuts taste good, let a person can’t, but if not enough self-control can also lead to elevated blood sugar.Especially the peanut and melon seeds that kind of food, but also to control the intake, because the food of high quantity of heat high fat food, if can lead to excessive body fat intake, which can lead to fat, if diabetics nuts, intake can lead to blood fat excessive intake, indirectly affect blood glucose control, affect blood sugar levels.(2) the Fried foods it is well known that diabetes as part of the chronic metabolic diseases, many people with diabetes of lipid metabolic abnormalities would happen, but in Fried foods containing more fat, if eat too much will result in higher body fat, resulting in elevated triglyceride levels, if people with diabetes, when eating,This can lead to pancreatitis due to elevated triglycerides.Therefore, diabetes patients should not eat too greasy diet, try to eat vegetable oil, and at the same time, eat two standard tablespoons of oil every day, not too much.(3) eat sweets while sweet can recuperate good mood and happy, but it does not recommend people with diabetes eat sweets, this is because the sweets in the glucose and sugar after the intake of the body can cause the body appear blood sugar rise, thus makes the blood sugar levels rise, is not conducive to stable blood sugar.However, if diabetic patients are busy in their daily life due to work or other reasons and do not eat at the prescribed time before meals, they may suffer from hypoglycemia. In this case, they can properly consume some sweets or sugar water to supplement their body’s energy to improve hypoglycemia.(4) now has a lot of people were drinking alcohol habits, it is well known that heavy drinking can lead to elevated blood sugar, and probably also in the process of drinking not eat staple food or food less drinking alcohol, so it is easy to cause low blood glucose happen, even can cause low blood sugar coma,So people with diabetes are advised to avoid alcohol as much as possible.And heavy drinking can cause fatty liver, alcoholic liver production will also increase insulin resistance, less than a relatively good effect of blood glucose control, if long time of a large number of drinking, will lead to irreversible nerve injury patients, drinking in moderation so diabetes control within the scope of the security, liquor does not exceed 50 ml every day,Wine should not exceed 150 milliliters, and beer should not exceed 400 milliliters, which can relatively reduce complications and blood sugar effects.What behaviors can lead to abnormal blood sugar?(1) there is no rational drug use have a lot of people with diabetes after taking drugs find their blood sugar control in a reasonable scope, so you should stop using the drug, so will not under the guidance of a doctor and check drug withdrawal without authorization, thus leads to increase in blood sugar because there is no rational drug use in the situation.(2) The habit of overeating now many people have the habit of overeating, this lifestyle is very harmful to the body, not only will lead to increased burden on the stomach, but also lead to abnormal blood sugar, is not conducive to the control of blood sugar.When people eat Suggestions in our daily life and eating habits, and before eating food must first understand the status of high and low heat food, according to the corresponding substances necessary for the body to obtain, and calories and nutrients to keep within a reasonable scope, meals properly can effectively enhance the body’s resistance to the ability, so as to maintain the normal blood sugar.Conclusion: Do people with diabetes have the habit of eating steamed bread in their daily life?What do you think about that?Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.Healthy New Year