After the women’s team swept South Korea to the title, questions were raised about the Chinese football association’s practices, and Chen xuyuan was in big trouble

2022-05-02 0 By

Detonated from women’s swept South Korea, the Chinese football association practice, Mr Chen in big trouble of China and South Korea game has ended, the Chinese women’s team in a very difficult time succeed against the wind hit the achievement of 3-2 victory over South Korea, won the Asian cup champion, after 16 years after the championship again,For Chinese women’s football really is a very good news, even for the whole of China football is an exciting news, and as fans have seen the the way of women’s future, and contrast just want to make Chinese football team has kept quiet, didn’t see in the last football game a little bit of hope,Even let us as fans have lost sight of the future of Chinese football.Even football in China under the leadership of the Chinese team was losing, now is not the responsibility of football but the player itself, after the loss to the Japanese who have no thought of play, however, even Vietnam really made a lot of fans felt very disappointed, but then again but this time the Chinese women’s team did not let us down.Moreover, they successfully defeated The South Korean team and won the Asian Cup, which made many fans feel happy and proud. The rise of Chinese women’s football team has seen the hope of Chinese football. After winning the championship, the audiences on various short video platforms felt excited.Viewers and stars who have never followed the Chinese women’s soccer team weighed in.We are very happy for our Chinese women’s football team, and we also noticed that the Chinese Football Association forwarded the news of the victory on their official microblog early after the Chinese women’s football Team won the championship, and we really felt very happy for them. This victory also made the Chinese Football Association regain a little face.However, the most notable thing from this incident is that although the Chinese Football Association did repost the news of the Chinese women’s football team winning the championship, their behavior aroused the suspicion of fans all over the Internet. It is they who set the permission of not commenting on the reposted microblog.Before the Chinese women’s team and in the face of the failure of Chinese football there is always a lot of fans ran to the Chinese football association, the comments section, even there are so many fans also ask them to immediately dismiss the Chinese football association, the fans this approach to tell the truth really is can make people understand, every time before the start of the game, whether men or women’s confidence,But I have to say that although some fans made serious jokes, they were in essence for the good of Chinese football. They did not make too many personal attacks. On the one hand, The Chinese Football Association was happy for The Chinese women’s football team.But on the other hand, they are afraid of being questioned and criticized by too many fans. They dare not even open the comment section, which has caused a lot of criticism and doubt from fans.Many fans can tolerate our Chinese football and even the Chinese football association was not well done in a lot of things, not lead us to the development of Chinese football, but they can’t stand doing wrong but I do not want to admit a mistake, they also set up after the Chinese women’s soccer team to win such permission, does not allow fans to ridicule, to tell the truth really is a little small,The Chinese Football Association also made Chen Xuyuan suffer a lot of trouble. After the Chinese Football Association made such an operation, many fans also blamed Chen Xuyuan for this. After Chen Xuyuan took office, he did not do a good job in Chinese football.Especially our proud Chinese men’s football team, both recently and in previous matches, they have not looked like professional players, they set the lowest score.So this time Mr Chen was in big trouble, itself in recent matches continuous failure of Chinese football has let he suffered so much criticism, the Chinese women’s team in this time very not easy to come back to the football association for a lot of face, but under him even a little comments area all dare not to open, it is no wonder that many fans are saying let him quick class dismiss,Finally, I hope the Chinese women’s football team can get better and better, and help The Chinese football team recover the lost face in the following matches. The Chinese men’s football team also needs to grow up, the big men’s game was conquered by women.