Xing Yachao, head of the county government, presided over the mobilization meeting of economic development zone to grasp investment projects to raise energy levels

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On the morning of February 14, Xing Yachao, the county head of the government, presided over a mobilization meeting of the economic development Zone to improve the level of investment projects. Li Xiaoping, Hao Xin, Guan Sheng, the county leaders attended the meeting, and the county development and Reform Bureau, finance Bureau, natural resources and Planning Bureau and other relevant departments mainly or in charge of the meeting.Xing pointed out that to achieve high-quality economic and social development, it is crucial to focus on investment and projects.Today’s investment and projects are the industry, employment and tax revenue of tomorrow, as well as the structure and efficiency of tomorrow.All towns, townships, industrial parks and departments should, based on the new stage of development, fully and accurately implement the new development concept, stick to their political positions, strengthen their responsibilities, seize every moment and work hard to overcome difficulties, focus on investment, projects and energy levels, and lay a solid foundation for writing a new chapter in the history of the “Six Ancient cities”.XingYaChao requirements, to firmly seize the projects do not relax, insist on the task of project, project list, hold firmly grasp the real program promoted, project design, project, project construction, the intensive use of land, into the project, project tracking and other key links, in accordance with requirements of the “seven library”, focus on planning reserves, promote the implementation of good projects, projects, such as the speed up cultivating new economic growth point,To achieve the county’s first quarter “off to a good start” to provide strong support.Want to combine the county economic development overall deployment and each park development orientation, continuously improve the optimal layout plan, do, reform, innovation and efficiency, safe and orderly disposal “zombie” companies, revitalize the idle inefficient industrial land, constantly improve the level of the park planning and construction, efforts to promote industrial park, more than carry “second venture”.County reform bureau, each park carefully combing industry project, around the “building strong chain extending chain repair chain chain”, in the extension project of list, new projects, deepen the docking project list, strong follow up, watch the pegged, formed to speed up the construction of a batch of and a batch of new start development, planning for examination and approval of a batch of and a batch of investment promotion and capital introduction “four a” benign pattern, continue to enhance the economic development of the power and vitality.Xing also stressed the importance of ensuring air quality during the Winter Olympics.First, strengthen the management, supervision and inspection of enterprises to resume work and production, specify special personnel, set up books, not only focus on services, but also manage environmental protection, comprehensively strengthen pollution control and material field management, to avoid dust pollution of industrial enterprises to the maximum extent.Second, the county public Security Bureau, the ecological environment city branch, the township and other relevant units should coordinate and coordinate, integrate law enforcement forces, strengthen inspection efforts, and carry out comprehensive, in-depth and civilized special actions to ban fireworks and straw burning control.Three is to strengthen the fine management of air pollution prevention and control, joint prevention and control, strict control, focus on key points, consolidate responsibility, work together to ensure the effective development of dust sources, lampblack control sources, agricultural pollution sources and other special governance work, for the people of the county to create a clean and comfortable ecological environment.County leaders Li Xiaoping, Hao Xin, Guan Sheng also related to the work of specific opinions.