What is the newest policy of automobile urea export?”Look” how to export urea for vehicles?

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China’s automobile urea export policy changes lead to the emergence of “urea panic” phenomenon in many areas, more prominent performance is the “South Korea urea shortage” some time ago, what is the new policy for automobile urea export?I. Implementation Time of export Control on urea for Vehicles Since October 21, China has exercised export control on urea for vehicles.The General Administration of Customs issued the Notice No. 81 on October 11 this year, saying that since October 15, 29 10-digit customs commodity numbers related to the export of chemical fertilizers will be added to the customs supervision condition “B”, and customs will carry out export commodity inspection on related commodities, including urea (within the quota, no matter whether it is aqueous solution).Two, the latest development of automotive urea export automotive urea export control early, due to the automotive urea export manufacturers are not prepared enough, resulting in the automotive urea export blocked, coupled with the automotive urea export customs supervision and audit needs time, so there are a number of areas “urea shortage”.As manufacturers on the car urea export policy familiar, now car urea export is gradually restored.3. Data required for the export of automotive urea The export of automotive urea requires commodity inspection, which requires a single inspection. The data required for the export of automotive urea liquid include packing list, contract, invoice, declaration elements, MSDS in Chinese and English, transportation appraisal letter (by sea) and customs clearance form.At the same time, the export of automotive urea must obtain the inspection and quarantine report issued by China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau before customs clearance.Four, car urea export two ways 1, find a qualified car urea manufacturer, direct export, this way the general delivery speed is fast.2. If the foreign trade company settles in RMB and exports in the name of its own company, the automobile urea manufacturer carries out commodity inspection with the manufacturer, which is relatively slower.