The condiment we often eat is an athlete’s stimulant

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Pepper is a stimulant?Why can’t athletes eat pepper?Why athletes can’t eat pepper?Known as the “King of spices”, peppercorn has a pleasant aroma and spicy smell that can stimulate the appetite.Pepper in moderation is also good for human health.Pepper “hot”, can stimulate the body to secrete endorphin hormones, relieve the brain pressure, a pleasant feeling.Pepper piper alkali, eugenol, sesquiterpene and other active ingredients, with antioxidant effect.Because pepper is a foodborne stimulant, it won’t be on the menu for Olympic athletes.The normine in pepper increases the heart rate and increases the amplitude of cardiac contractions, improving performance to a certain extent.48 kinds of common kitchen raw materials such as fragrant leaves and lotus seeds cannot appear.What is Foodborne Stimulant?Foodborne stimulants refer to stimulants derived from food.Foodborne stimulants include two types: one is the natural presence of food from production to processing;One is the process of deliberately added and residual in the food.Therefore, foodborne stimulants can be divided into endogenous stimulants naturally occurring in food and exogenous stimulants artificially added.What other foodborne stimulants do you have in your life?● Licorice: β -sitosterol, which is naturally present in licorice, has glucocorticoid properties.● Lotus seeds: the lotus seeds naturally contain northrophine and β -sitosterol belong to the category of foodborne stimulants.● Coffee beans and tea: Coffee beans and tea are rich in the alkaloid caffeine, one of the food-borne stimulants.● Energy drinks: caffeine and sulfonic acid in energy drinks can stimulate the central nervous system and belong to food-borne stimulants.● Melon seeds: Because of the spices added in the roasting process, there is a certain chance of introducing food-borne stimulants.● Marinated products: most of the marinated products add Chinese prickly ash, and the prickly ash itself contains northrophine, is a kind of food-borne stimulant.All of the above mentioned foods are endogenous food stimulants, which can be safely consumed in daily life.Aquatic products, meat and eggs illegally added with exogenous stimulants may also become our risk of exposure to foodborne stimulants.Therefore, when buying food, especially meat and eggs, we must choose regular channels.Luo Zhongyun statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: