Jiuquan Suzhou: “White + Black” and “Prosecution Blue” turn into “volunteer Red”

2022-04-30 0 By

Recently, in the face of the sudden outbreak and severe epidemic prevention and control situation, the CPC Leadership group of Suzhou District People’s Procuratorate of Jiuquan City resolutely implemented the decisions and deployment of the District Committee and government on epidemic prevention and control.The Party group of the District Procuratorate quickly responded to the deployment of the District Committee and set up the “anti-epidemic service volunteer team” dominated by party members and police to assist the epidemic prevention and control in beixin Street community. Police officers changed from “prosecution blue” to “volunteer red”. During the two weeks of emergency investigation, police stepped on the starlight and faced the sunrise.The police actively carried out screening of people involved in the epidemic area, door-to-door epidemic prevention propaganda, nucleic acid testing and orderly guidance, and transportation and distribution of residents’ daily necessities. The resident population of the community was involved in a large number of tasks, and the police officers took the initiative and silently contributed to ensure the safety and health of the people.”As party members, we must resolutely obey the organizational arrangements, no matter how late and tired the work, we will adhere to the completion of the work task, with their own responsibility and responsibility to protect the peace of the hometown!”A party member inspector said so.Suzhou prosecutorial police to give full play to the communist party members vanguard role, with action interpretation of prosecutorial responsibility, so that the party flag fluttering in the wind, shining.(Source: Yang Ting, Suzhou District People’s Procuratorate, Jiuquan City)