Only when I took one look at you in the crowd did I realize that you were the thief I had been looking for two years

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Two burglary cases occurred in broad daylight on the main street of Lvyang township, Xishui county two years ago, during the last month of the lunar New Year. The suspects stole a shop and a mobile stall in just five minutes.Two years later, green Yang police station auxiliary police Cheng Tan passing express station, found a woman figure devu, take out a mobile phone photo comparison, the original is “missing” two years of thieves, then contact police station on duty will be successfully captured, solved the serial theft.23 Xiong was under criminal detention by the xishui police in accordance with the law things back to 2020 on January 13, when the small township market on the streets of Xishui Township, changed the depression of the past, noisy, busy traffic.The 53-year-old suspect, Surnamed Xiong, stole 1,500 yuan in cash and a mobile phone from a grain store and a roadside stall in the area in just a few minutes through the noisy crowd.After receiving the alarm, the police seized at the scene of the crime to the surveillance video of a little value, suspect the body wrapped in a winter gown, wearing a motorcycle helmet, wear woolen gloves with your hands, and not leak any facial appearance and shape characteristics, the existing evidence clues could not successfully locked the suspect identity, criminal detection deadlock at one time.But the police have not given up, still continue to investigate follow-up, and the case at that time video screenshots retained in the mobile phone in case of need.Police retained in the mobile phone video screenshots of the case imperceptibly, two years passed, originally thought there was no hope to solve the case.However, on January 25, 2022 in the morning, Cheng Tan in the area of Courier station passing by, saw a familiar figure, immediately turn retained within the mobile phone case photograph are compared, from the size and dress preliminarily determines the theft suspect who is two years ago, immediately contact the police on duty rushed to the scene to summon the suspect.Subsequently, in front of the mountain of irrefutable evidence, Xiong xx truthfully confessed his two years ago to steal other people’s property illegal criminal facts, and take the initiative to return the stolen money.At present, the suspect Xiong xishui police has been under criminal detention in accordance with the law, the case is being handled further.