Iran and the United States are ready to hold direct talks on Iran’s nuclear program

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Beijing, January 25 (Xinhua) –On the resumption of negotiations to implement the Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear issue, Iranian officials on The 24th released a signal that they are willing to hold direct talks with the United States, and the US State Department also said that it is ready to “meet directly” with Iranian representatives.This means that the two sides are expected to hold direct talks for the first time since the US unilaterally withdrew from the Deal in 2018.24 green Iran or Iran’s islamic republic news agency quoted Iran’s foreign minister hussein amir – abdullahi Yang as saying: “in the process of negotiations, if we need some talks with the U.S. to the stage, so in order to have a solid guarantee good agreement, we can’t ignore the necessity of (conversation).”Iran’s supreme leader, Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said in a televised speech earlier this month that U.S. bullying was intolerable, but that negotiations and engagement with the U.S. did not mean submission.Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei waves at a polling station inside the leader’s palace in Tehran, Iran, May 19, 2017.(Xinhua/Meng Tao) Some analysts interpreted Khamenei’s remarks as a signal that Iran may negotiate directly with the United States.The US government unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in May 2018, and subsequently resumed and imposed additional sanctions on Iran.That same year, Ayatollah Khamenei banned all negotiations with the United States, concluding that negotiations with the United States would harm Iran’s interests.Since April last year, Iran and other parties involved in the Iranian nuclear deal have held several rounds of talks in Vienna, the Austrian capital, to discuss the resumption of the implementation of the agreement between the US and Iran.Iran has refused to meet with the United States, citing its withdrawal from the deal.The American delegation negotiated indirectly with the Iranian side by word of mouth in Vienna.The US State Department on Thursday reiterated that it remains open to direct talks with Iran.”We are prepared to meet directly,” said State Department spokesman Ned Price.”We have consistently maintained that direct engagement with Iran on the nuclear deal and other issues is more productive.”Photo taken on Aug. 8, 2018 shows the exterior of the US State Department in Washington, DC, the United States.”Given the pace of Iran’s nuclear development, it is almost too late for us and Iran to reach an agreement on their respective resumption of implementation of the Iran nuclear agreement,” Price said.After the US pulled out of the nuclear deal, Iran has been gradually suspending compliance with some provisions of the deal since 2019, and has produced enriched uranium to a 60% enrichment level.Iran says its nuclear activities are purely peaceful and promises that the measures it has taken to counter the US withdrawal will be “reversible”.Iran’s foreign Ministry spokesman said earlier Thursday that if the U.S. is willing, “it is possible to reach a stable and reliable agreement in the shortest possible time” on resuming implementation of the Iran nuclear deal and releasing detainees from both sides.Price said Thursday that the United States does not consider the release of four Detained Americans by Iran as a condition for the two countries to renew their agreement on the Iranian nuclear deal.(Sau Ling Lau)