Cooling is on the way!Force 6 gale + thunderstorm + hail coming

2022-04-29 0 By

According to chengdu Meteorological Observatory at 18:00 on March 16, the short-time near weather forecast was issued:The pengzhou, tianfu new district of chengdu, Long Quanyi, xindu, dujiangyan, and advocates state convection are developed, JTG, pengzhou and QingBaiJiang there has been a level 6 gustiness windy weather, in the next 12 hours of chengdu most places have showers or thunderstorms, accompanied by 4 to 6 gustiness winds, mountain valley wind local can reach more than magnitude 7, a thunderstorm accompanied with heavy rain,There is hail in some places, please take precautions.In the next three days, most of the basin will be cloudy with sunshine. Scattered showers or thunderstorms will occur in the west and south of China in the morning and evening. There will be short-time heavy precipitation or gusty winds in some parts of the southwest this evening.In western Sichuan plateau and Panxi region, the weather is mainly sunny and cloudy, and the forest fire risk meteorological grade is high.The specific forecast is as follows ↓↓↓