The glory of the 13th pick, the second in the league?

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The course of history involves not only inheritance, but also adaptation.Michael Jordan’s success made the No. 2 position the sexiest position in the league, and after the golden age of the point, the group took a new direction and a new heritage.Although called shooting guard, the team’s leading point scorer on the outside is usually a small forward. Traditional shooting guard is more of a spot-up shooter, like Bill beal in the past.Shaman, Sam Jones, and more recently reggie Miller and Thompson, while Jordan and Kobe are more suited to the swingman style of offense.So before Jordan came along and won seven scoring titles in a row, only two leading scorers in NBA history were at the no. 2 position — Jerry West and Pete Maravich.Whiteness, anachronistic skill, extremely accurate shooting and league-average physicality are common traits.In his third year, Jordan won his first scoring title with 37.1 points (second only to Wilt Chamberlain), beginning a 12-year reign of scoring titles.His ten “scoring titles” became one of the most difficult records to break in NBA history. As Jordan gradually became a god, he continued to enrich his Arsenal:His left and right hand drives became even, his midrange shot became another killer, he exploited defenders’ fear of his drives to develop numerous flashy but effective fakes, and he added muscle to harden his matchups.From a 7-in, 7-out scoring juggler to a transcendent presence using the triangle offense to torture opponents.What hasn’t changed is that even in his final season with the Bulls, he still holds the scoring title.The emergence of The Bulls no. 23 maximized the influence of the scoring position, and he made the no. 2 position notable with his perfect career and his subversion of the monopoly of the post players.At the same time, his style of play has set a new benchmark for the league’s shooting guards: 1.95 to 2.01 meters tall, versatile attacker, can play behind the back, can handle the ball, shoot without blind Angle, attack beyond the three-point line, the perimeter defense can handle three positions.The most thorough imitation of Jordan was done by Kobe Bryant.Peter Pan’s career has been like the evolution of a top quarterback, and his reputation as a textbook outside linebacker is more than deserved.Perhaps to coincide with the 2K game’s promotion, Jordan expressed his desire to travel through time and space to play one-on-one with the perimeter masters of jerry West, Elgin Baylor and Kobe Bryant.Bryant received the highest rating.”I didn’t think I was going to lose,” Jordan said. “Except kobe, because he stole all my moves.”Since entering the league, Bryant has been fighting for Jordan’s goal, playing kobe not only inherited almost all of Jordan’s skills, is better than the three-point shooting ability, and his almost paranoid attempt to surpass Jordan, let himself in the continuous progress of Jordan at the same time to gain the highest respect.Although he won far fewer MVPS than his predecessors and wasn’t the no. 1 player on the team during the three-peat, Bryant convinced the world that the golden age of quarterbacks was alive and well when he kept picking up trophies.In addition to East, South and North Carolina, there was Dwyane Wade in his prime.At the 2003 All-Star Game, Mariah Carey capped the farewell ceremony with a rousing rendition of “Hero.” A tearful Michael Jordan said, “I took it from Dr. J and Magic and Bird and all the others, and I’m going to pass it on.”In a broader sense, it was a handover ceremony, with Jordan hinting at a new superstar era. In a narrower sense, he wasn’t worried about losing the no. 2 spot.In 2000-01, five of the top seven scorers were quarterbacks or flyers swingmen.In 2001-02, nine quarterbacks averaged more than 20 points per game.In 2002-03, Jordan averaged 20 points per game in the final year of his career and ranked eighth in scoring among quarterbacks.Flyers did not expect that after his retirement, the point guard boom and decline, less than a decade of the scene, the no. 2 position as fast as the native center fade.There hasn’t been a heartthrob quarterback since Dwyane Wade burst onto the scene in 2003.Roy once gave fans hope of a revival of the 2 position, but injuries have been short-lived.In the fall of 2012, Harden left Oklahoma City, alleviating the awkwardness of the no. 2 position to a certain extent. He became the first quarterback after 1985 to be selected to the All-Star and all-Nba teams.But his solo could not reverse the group’s general trend.Alliance 2 bits of the past few years, offensive firepower mediocre points begin to blue-collar workers and engineers, a lot of attention to defensive coach began to Bruce bowen for the template, selection of starting quarterback, their main responsibility is no longer a scoring, but head-to-head with each other outside the arrow, attack is given priority to with peripheral snipers, a group of anecdotal calls 3 d player.Smart and Danny Green are the blue-collar standouts, with the latter untouchable in the green jersey’s primary position, and Klay Thompson the upper limit.Then there are the quarterbacks who play as wingmen alongside the stars, such as McCollum and Powell, who are by no means leading the offense.May be in terms of who, just like to have your cake and eat it on both ends, Jordan harvest at the same time scoring champion, and god is the best technology, Bryant both offensive and defensive play equally unsustainable, butler has been doing well, but both on location and the role that in recent years, the team, he is more close to small forward.In addition, even though he’s a super scorer against Harden, he’s not on a par with his predecessors when it comes to scoring.In data elaboration modern basketball world, coaches and managers do not attach importance to the players can master glaring singles game, more concerned with how to maintain a more offensive efficiency, such as they do not encourage or banned player in 16 feet perimeter shots, because the main remain above the level of shooting, three is always more cost effective than two points over a long distance.In recent years, however, the No. 2 has shown some signs of revival, not only influencing games with offense but also dominating the scoring charts.The first point guard to emerge after Harden was Beal.With Wall sidelined because of an injury, the Wizards’ shooting guard stepped to the front of the table.In charge alone over the years, bill perfectly fulfilled their talent, with a fast moving and his own ability to attack the basket, helped at the same time, more accurate, this also make him last summer over the years, known as “the man” Middleton, finally with the bucks for so many years to expect him to be like.His jumper in the critical moment to become one of the most no defence \, more terrible is also further strengthened the rice bean near the free throw line high jumper, even 3-pointers, no matter is defending his booker or Paul, who just repeats the following action, legs crossed under two ball, adjust good rhythm, rotate back.,Then there’s the beautiful sound of a basketball bouncing off the net.No one thought demar derozan would rejuvenate after coming to Chicago, just as no one thought the Bulls had a chance to become the top seed in the Eastern Conference.Derozan’s strength, fundamentals and midrange skills, combined with his basketball IQ, came into play in Chicago.Of course, the most eye-catching group of quarterbacks is lavine, Booker, Mitchell led by the “13”.Because of Bryant’s unprecedented success, there’s a saying that goes, “If you don’t know who to pick in the 13th pick, pick a shooting guard.” It’s strange that a shooting guard in the 13th pick has been a BUFF in recent years.Lavine is the bulls’ man, Booker is the SUNS ‘man, Mitchell is the Utah jazz’s man, the latest great 13th pick, and Hero is getting better and better.Unlike those who appear in Slam Dunk contests and then disappear, Lavine has shown that he loves to dunk.He participated in the competition twice and won the gold medal twice. He was a successful aviator who defended his title after Jordan and Richardson.For that matter, he deserves to be the 13th overall pick.Despite his reputation as a Slam Dunk champion, lavine is not a one-trick wonder, and he doesn’t want to be mistaken for anything more than a flypast.In addition to his dunks, lavine is a good outside shooter and breakaway singles player with a quick first step that allows him to gain space and get good shots.Lavine’s move to the Bulls was the start of a career boom for lavine, who has averaged more than 25 points per game for two consecutive seasons, making him one of the top quarterbacks in statistical terms.This season, lavine has reduced his ball handling but increased his efficiency, and his numbers remain consistent from last season, but his ball holding time has dropped to 4.4 minutes per game from 5.4.He gave derozan, Lonzo Ball and even Caruso more control, which allowed the Bulls to flow offensively.Devin Booker isn’t that far behind Kobe and Wade in terms of individual vision and team glory, but on a technical level, he’s certainly one of the most versatile offensive quarterbacks since Kobe.Booker is not good in the air due to physical limitations and has been rejected by flyers, but it is also wrong to call him a floor point guard.He has skills that most 2’s lack, an emphasis on ball control, court vision, unselfish play, and, best of all, a textbook release. Booker has a quick, soft hand.He became the youngest player in the league to score 70 points thanks to his touch.Booker furthered his career last season.In his first playoff run, he tasted nothing but fear and confidence.And his “middle distance” in the game is often effective, but also laments the inheritance of mamba character.Booker scored 47 points in Game 6 of the lakers’ elimination, 40 points in game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, and 40 points in game 4 and Game 5 of the FINALS.Who has been the most exciting short scorer since Allen Iverson?It was Mitchell who, on the road to “die and vote”, came to the same conclusion.Audiences are hooked on David defeating Goliath, which is one of the reasons Iverson was once so popular.Mr Mitchell’s attack, however, falls short of that of his predecessors.At the peak of his career, Iverson scored at will, winning four scoring titles.Although he’s better at shooting, Mitchell’s explosive scoring and free throw shooting are far from the mark, with a season high of 26.4 points per game, while Iverson has averaged more than 25 points per game for 10 seasons.Mitchell’s biggest difference with great quarterbacks is that the Salt Lake 45 can’t produce enough points to win.The Jazz finished first in the regular season last season, but were eliminated in the playoffs by the short-handed Clippers, and the injury-plagued Mitchell saw his team fall.The previous season, Mitchell was criticized for being eliminated in the first round, despite scoring 57 points in a game in the playoffs and playing with Andy Murray.Tyler Sheiro isn’t in the same league yet, but at 20 points per game he’s the league’s leading bench killer, and the Heat have half as many MEDALS as Sheiro.Of course, these 13th pick quarterbacks are making progress, day by day, compared to their predecessors.In addition, with no. 1 and no. 3 between them, it will be tough for the “13 picks” to fight their way out.How these quarterbacks speak for the post-point era will depend on how high they touch and how much of the playoffs they occupy, and for that, they have a lot of work to do, but they still have a lot of work to do.Past: the choice of The Times — favored by the 3rd position Paul George — disillusioned generals make old rules, feel good writing can point to the attention and collection, your support is the motivation of my creation.