“Old bestie” has not finished, another “elderly” work online, 3 leading actors are iron triangle

2022-04-27 0 By

For anyone who likes to watch TV series, you must have seen “Old Girlfriends”, right?This is an old drama starring city drama.The plot mainly revolves around the lives of five old girlfriends and the various problems they encounter.5 old people are having different life and social circle, but because they help others however the disposition such as joy came together, become the boudoir that does not talk without words.From their initial attraction, to the five moving in together, to erin’s worsening illness and the five reuniting, each of these events is emotional.These five people reflect a lot of things in life. You can think about what happens around you and how to deal with it more safely when you are watching the drama.When the “old bestie” is not finished, the audience are immersed in this time, did not expect an elderly work to go online, the work named “old guy”, mainly about Xiao Changqing, Sun Qiancheng and Sun Xincheng three old men, after retirement together to build the story of the pension community.This subject matter is relatively new, and can arouse people’s resonance, so if it is broadcast, it will certainly make a lot of people like, word of mouth this part don’t worry.A good script needs good actors, so the director of “Old Guys” had a lot of trouble.To find three old opera bones, they are iron triangle, these three people are Zhang Guoli, Wang Gang, Zhang Tielin.They once in “The Teeth of Ji Xiaolan” performance, is enough to prove the strength of the three, after many years they will join hands again in “Old Guys”, is also a big selling point.Zhang Tielin and Zhang Guoli often act in a lot of TV dramas, but Wang Gang rarely appear, the triangle of iron cooperation again, so that many old fans are very excited, I wish the work can be online on the second day, so as to meet the wish of everyone want to follow the drama.But good works certainly need time to precipitate, especially like this just established theme and starring works, has not been officially opened shooting, waiting time will be a bit longer.Netizens heard that the former iron Triangle to play a new work, are also excited to wait for it, even some people said that if it is on the air, they will stay up to finish it, who let the iron Triangle once brought us a lot of surprise and happiness.However, as the three are getting older, there are fewer and fewer works available to them. Movies and TV series like “Old Guys”, which are based on the theme of the elderly, are made for them, so the audience can’t miss it.I hope directors can create more works of this kind and give these old actors a chance to prove themselves again.Their acting skills and connections are as good as those of young actors, but they are too old to be suitable for idol dramas, so they have to waste their talent.Well, today’s sharing ends here. I don’t know what you have in mind when you heard about the Iron Triangle cooperation, so please leave a comment in the comments section.