From child star to world champion, Yiming Su: 100 percent focused on snowboarding

2022-04-27 0 By

Before the decision to become a professional skiing athletes, Su Yi is more people know the identity of the film and television child star, he was playing in the movie “the siege” ski “little embolus”, and then in a “kid” on the sunny days “beautiful snow” and “Wolf highness” and so on the film and television play, in addition, Su Yi sound like music, fashion, surfing, parachuting, etc.Read widely.Reporter: your hobby seems special many, how do you have so much time to like so many things?Yiming Su: Because I loved it when I was little, SO I had a lot of energy for different things, but since I decided to go professional, it’s all gone, and I just focus 100 percent on snowboarding.On coach Yasuhiro Sato:I am very lucky to have this opportunity to meet my coach, teacher, we trust each other, each other is trust each other, also have a particularly good training environment, at that time big platform in the world, ranked first and second slope barriers also are all his students, they give me set a good example of good goals,So at that point I had a much clearer idea of where I wanted to go.Yiming Su: Your movements can be forgotten today and tomorrow, and that can happen very easily.Reporter: How can I be sure as a professional athlete that I can control this certainty, that I can do it well, that I can do it well?Yiming Su: By practicing constantly.Reporter: Nothing else, just practice out?Yiming Su: There is no shortcut to this, only practice, no matter how gifted or talented you are, you still need the necessary steps, if you don’t try or practice hard, you might be able to master it once, but if you want to do it every time, this practice is essential.Reporter: For you to say more than a thousand days of time nearly four years, every day is almost seven or eight hours, you will not be tired of have bored?Yiming Su: It doesn’t exist.Reporter: Never?Yiming Su: No, never.Reporter: What motivates you?I have to support you every day, okay?Yiming Su: Yes, because of my love for snowboarding.Reporter: A lot of people stood up for you when you won the silver medal, but you and Coach Sato didn’t talk about it. Instead, they asked everyone to stop talking about it. Why did you do that?Su Yi wong:Because first of all, I was very very happy, I can finish my own a set of actions, then such good results, for me, I never had focused on these things, because only I want to be in the game, I need to do is to focus on things, I need to do the action, after finish this action, the other is not important,I was so happy that I was able to accomplish the goals and challenges THAT I set for myself. You see all the best athletes in the world participating in the Winter Olympics, so on that day, everyone was in my heart, everyone was the champion, everyone was the best.(CCTV News)