Born in 1998, 30 million fans, Andy Lau asked him to promote the movie, menier why so popular?

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To help Chen He propaganda hotpot restaurant, to help Andy Lau, Chen Sicheng propaganda film, even Zheng Kai, Li Chen, Hu Haiquan are vying to imitate his video, net red to do meniye so, it is too fierce!In just two years with Tiktok, he has amassed 30 million followers and is making over 10 million a year in his early 20s. How did he do it?Menier, born Zhong Xiaocheng in 1998, loves hip-hop dancing, so when he first joined Douyin, he also posted hip-hop dancing videos of himself.He is not handsome, but he has a pair of trademark small eyes, because he resembles the singer Lee Young-ho, once known as “Lee Young-ho Guangzhou Fan hao”.Relying on the image of the cool and handsome ruffians, Menier just started to make videos and began to walk the line of appearance level blogger. He had been a plane model in college, so he was also very familiar with the lens. At the beginning, relying on his dancing strength and appearance level, he attracted 500,000 fans for him.But to become a head net red, Meinie know and not so simple, so he began to try, the first step, is to set up a network red matrix, a person’s strength is too small, so he found a few other handsome boy, CAI Boxin, Huang Yujie and Sichuan formed the United States oolong hospital boys.Since then, the four of them have started to shoot videos together, including hot topics such as dressing up and switching scenes, which have been trending all over the Internet. Menier’s most popular work is the “Necktie dressing” video.The 17-second clip has been liked by nearly three million people, with dozens of netizens vying to emulate Menier’s trick.During the cooperation of the four network celebrities, the mutual replacement of fans was realized. They often appeared in their own videos, and mutual drainage between accounts also caused the unprecedented heat of the four.Just six months later, Menier had more than 10 million fans, but the band failed to continue to bond, and just a few months later, the four split up.There are different opinions on the reasons for the four untying, but the real situation is only known by the parties, CAI Boxin after quitting the team, issued a statement explaining that it has nothing to do with the other two people in the team, suggesting that huang Yujie’s practice led to the team disbandment.After untying, four people each deleted the previous cooperation of the video, Meinie soon signed a contract with You Liangwenhua, CAI Boxin and Sichuan continue to film those tepple emotional stories, and Huang Yujie three fans are not as good as meinie a person’s fans.With all the outstanding people in all fields of the network, Youliang Culture is the most reliable one among MCN organizations. Menier chose a good company for himself and created a good environment for himself.Since then, Meniye began the era of mutual benefit and win-win with you Liang culture, and he will never stand still, when the cross-dressing video has begun to feel outdated, he seized the tuyere and began to shoot suspense video, but the momentum of development is a good he, but because of a clink cup video let himself into controversy.In October 2020, Menier posted a video of clinking glasses, which caused numerous imitations, but their imitations were not as handsome as those in Menier’s video. Instead, parents beat them up!In the original video of Menier, he played a boss who was fighting for his subordinates. When he saw that his partner did not respect his female subordinate very much, Menier would press his cup over him. It seemed to be extremely disrespectful, but it was the main purpose of expressing that he should have a certain attitude towards any person.After all, Chinese people attach great importance to the culture of drinking at the table, and respect each other when clink glasses. Therefore, the reverse imitation of the netizens will naturally be beaten by the elders.As the imitations became more and more misguided, Menier had to explain, and then do it again with his elders to make fun of himself.Under the careful polish of the team, Menier gradually began to walk the suspense story style, his video is very short, but the rhythm is tight and very brain, never give up any details, so he is also ridiculed by netizens as “the most fine man on the Internet”!The suspenseful plot, tactical maneuvers, the very appropriate background music, as well as the domineer eyes at the end of the killing, let Menier’s tactical detective series video suddenly exploded, and in just three months for him up to nearly 10 million fans, he also easily become douyin’s head Internet celebrity.After watching his videos, netizens also joked about Mei’s anger poisoning, because Menier’s videos often conceal many details, and it takes three or four times to solve a crime.In addition to the likes of net friends, Meinie’s explosive fire also let him attract the favor of stars, Chen Sicheng asked him to help promote “Chinatown detective”, but also invited Wang Baoqiang and Liu Haoran and he co-shot video.When Andy Lau was released in the Hurt Locker 2, he also played a brain-torching video with Menier. In the video, Walt gave up the C position in the picture to Menier. Although Menier is known for his handsome appearance level blogger, he did not lose his acting ability when co-shooting the video with Andy Lau.In addition, Menier also pioneered the trend of cross-dressing videos, with a single video of her riding a horse sparking imitations across the Internet.From a street dance video of little model, turned around and become a drag, then create a tactical detective series, speech and almost every transformation can set off a upsurge of imitation, and he always walk in the preface of The Times, always adhere to keep pace with The Times, never will be yourself in a passive situation, perhaps this is also the reason why he keep burst fire.Since then, Menier has tried to reinvent himself again, this time as a positive blogger who has even been approached by the police.In October 2021, The entry of Menier was caught on the hot search, the police art released a video of the arrest of tens of millions of Internet celebrities, and the “criminal suspect”, is the crime in the park Menier!It turned out that Menier worked with xiaogan city’s public security bureau to conduct a social observation experiment, in which Menier played the role of a fraudster, holding a small gift in the park to extract private information from the elderly.Menier dressed up as a college student, won the sympathy of an old woman, he will decisively start to trap the old man’s identity information, did not expect in his real acting, the old man was fooled.Then squatting for a long time of filial piety police art decisively rushed up to meniye arrest, and on the spot to the old man exposed the fraud, under the role of Meniye, the social experiment is very successful, using their own influence to publicize anti-fraud knowledge, also again let Meniye attracted a wave of favor.After that, she also cooperated with the Shenzhen police again to restore the scene of a lost child, and was also listed on the hot search list of the video. As a network BIG V of ten million levels, Menier did not lose his direction after the explosion of fire, but began to use his popularity to convey positive energy, his approach is very admirable.In one video, he teaches people not to judge a person by his appearance and to value the beauty of their soul. In another video, he teaches people not to judge a person by his appearance. In another video, he teaches people to bring water to sanitation workers and block drinks for female colleagues.In 2021, when there was a rainstorm in Henan, Menier also purchased the materials at the first time and donated them to the affected areas in Henan.Today, Menier has 30 million followers, and in just two years, he has created nearly 100 trending topics and racked up more than 5 billion views.After the explosion, he also began to seek for cash, not only opened his own Taobao shop, but also participated in the livestreaming of goods, almost every livestreaming sales are up to one million, each commission is not less than several hundred thousand, and the gift income alone is not cheap.In this era of traffic, many Internet celebrities disappear after overnight popularity, but Menier is different. In two years, he completed four transformations, constantly seeking new breakthroughs, in his continuous optimization of their own at the same time, fans will always keep his content fresh.Short video skills are of course the key to winning, but empathy with fans and audiences is equally important. It is precisely by grasping this point that Menier will always keep the heat. I don’t know what further development Menier will have.