Two donkey was brush out 100 billion worth, admitted that the team costs a month to millions

2022-04-26 0 By

Recently, two donkeys admitted that the cost of his team is up to one million a month, only his assistant a month to give 80,000, the more he spent the more happy he will be.It seems that two donkeys are really rich and powerful, wealth is really unimaginable.And he also said that Simba gave him enough gifts for the cost of his team, can you imagine how much two donkey can earn in a month?Even the cost of the team needs millions, but it is impossible to do a month without tens of millions to hundreds of millions. At least there are rumors online that Two donkeys are going bankrupt, which seems to be untrue.Two donkeys around the bodyguard is also more, a bodyguard estimated monthly wages are tens of thousands.Then some people joke that the income of two donkeys is from the gift simba brushes for him. For example, if Simba brushes 2 million yuan for him a day, then a month is 60 million yuan.It is also exaggerated, if it goes like this, it is estimated that Simba is bankrupt, after all, the net red money is not their own printing, which people brush casually, whether it is true or false, but the only thing that can be sure is that the two donkey family is indeed rich, but the value of billions of this is difficult to say.As we know, two donkeys character is always very straight, also did not reveal all their family background.And Simba once revealed on the live broadcast that two Donkey’s wealth is at least nine figures.Today’s erdonkeys look down their noses at hundreds of thousands of dollars.Has been different from the two donkeys.What do you think about that?Leave a comment in the comments section