Over 500 million dollars in five days, Miracle succeeded because the director did three things right

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“Miracle · Stupid Kid” is wen Muye’s second feature film. His first film was “Dying to Survive”, which shook Chinese film history.Douban 9.0, gold Award, Golden Rooster Award, hundred flowers award took a time, so far this film is in douban TOP250 in the 38th place.After a lapse of 4 years, Wen Muye led his “God of Medicine” team to create this sincere work “Miracle”.On the first day after the film was officially released, douban opened with a score of 7.4, neither high nor low. It was placed in the first tier in the Spring Festival season, and it also got the first place in the total score of five platforms.Meanwhile, the pre-sale box office of the film exceeded 100 million yuan in the first day of its release, and the box office reached 500 million yuan in the fifth day of its release.Director Wen Muye does not disappoint. “Miracle” is solid.Here, let’s learn more about the creation background of this film. Miracle is a key film project of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and the State Film Administration in 2021, as well as a tribute film for the centenary of the founding of the CPC in 2021.Before the shooting, a framework was already set to describe the story of young people starting businesses in Shenzhen in the new era after the 18th CPC National Congress.Based on this premise, the film is set in Shenzhen ten years ago, telling the story of 20-year-old Jing Hao (Yi Yangqianchi), while taking his six-and-a-half-year-old sister Jing Tong (Chen Halin) to live in Shenzhen.At the same time in order to cure a disease for younger sister raise operation cost decision go all in one’s lifetime, assemble a numerous partner to start a business, the story that pursues happiness jointly.On the surface, this is a “cliche” startup story, and even after the beginning of the film, many viewers can already guess the end.But is such a theme and “no suspense” story, Wen Muye can shoot smooth and moving, relaxation degree, not simple.The success of Miracle is due to Wen muye doing three things right: 1. How to make an inspirational film with its own chicken soup relevant?2. How can the character stand up?3. What kind of actor is right?Let’s start with the answer to the first question: the details.How to make a “chicken soup” inspirational film grounded, Wen Muye chose is full of details.As long as the details are in place, the authenticity of the story comes naturally.The director chose to fill in the details, which is why Wonder is so touching.For example, jing Hao, the hero, tells the story from the beginning. He has a sick sister to take care of. He and her live in a run-down rental house, and he does a lot of jobs before finally choosing to repair mobile phones.For one thing, the working hours are free; for another, he is clever.In the movie, there is a scene of his sister Jing Tong holding his award certificate to fill the background of his opening a mobile phone shop.In his previous appearances, he wore Polo shirts emblazoned with the store’s name.For example, Jing Hao cares about his sister. He always packs a box for her to take medicine the next day in advance and carefully collects her baby teeth.For example, Jing Hao faces difficulties. In the movie, the landlord comes to the door several times to urge him to rent, to convey his twists and turns of difficulties, followed by the content of the stickers more and more sharp.And he got the defective export inspection report, which was all in English. In order to understand what went wrong with this batch of goods, he translated a little bit into the computer to find the crux.For example, sister Jing Tong, between her and Jing Hao is not only brother one ambiguous pay, she is the same.When Jing Hao fell back, she would feel distressed, saying to go to the hospital, to the drugstore, rub medicine for him, and tell him not to ride so fast in the future, because it is very dangerous.When Jing Hao chased the thief, she was so nervous that she even lost one of her shoes.For example, Uncle Yang, who helped Kyung Ho the most.He and his wife came to Shenzhen to work, because he did not have a child, has been taking care of Jing Hao as his child, usually can help is to help, come back from home, will also give Jing Hao with good heart specialty agaric.When Jing Hao was desperate, he found Uncle Liang and asked uncle Liang to help.When Uncle Liang finally promised to do the director of the workshop, Jing Hao moved to tears, this is rare in front of outsiders show fragile Jing Hao.Uncle Liang found, to his face played a few drops of water, he helped him cover, cover to fall tears.When acting as the workshop director to rent a warehouse together, Uncle Liang also helped him negotiate the price with poor local dialect.Another example is the most obvious scene setting. The village in the city where Jing Hao lives is very real from the environment to the scene.He found the apartment of the friend who cheated him and didn’t pay him back. It was crowded and dirty, but it reflected the plight of migrant workers in big cities like Shenzhen.He gave the nursing home to repair TV bridge segment, also truly reflects the importance of television for the elderly.Thankfully, for most of the film’s 106 minutes, romantic idealism aside, it’s not cool.”Wonder” manages to depict human warmth with realistic brush strokes.Second question: How do you build the characters to sustain the film?The answer is: Give your character an arc!The main characters in Miracle are Kyung Ho, his sister and the group of “marginal people” who start a business with him.The film is divided into two parts, one is about the brother-sister relationship between Jing Hao and Jing Tong, and the other is about the business line of Jing Hao and his partner.In other words, group play is a big part of Wonder.We have already experienced Wen Muye’s depiction of group images in God of Medicine, and the same is true in Miracle.The gang in the movie, the male hero Jing Hao needless to say, there are a lot of details in support of the role, here to say a little more.He was willing to lend money to his friend even though he was behind on the rent, because his friend borrowed the money because his mother was ill.Because their own patients, in the face of this situation, It is difficult for Jing Hao not to help.But after knowing his friend is to cheat him, Jing Hao also rushes to the casino for the first time to look for someone, turns over every place of dormitory, also want to give money to want to come back.Jing Hao is not a bad guy, but he is still sincere.The climax of the film’s group scene is the factory before Spring Plum gets in trouble with her, they fight together and then the wedding scene.These two plays, this group of “marginal person” background and story are explained clearly, even the wheelchair old grandpa of nursing home and the wife Wu Xiaoli of net addiction teenager also plump rise.This scene, every character has a character arc, it’s wonderful.Sun daye, the gatekeeper who appears only a few times in the movie, also lets people see the truth of the character through several scenes in which Jing Hao picks up his sister.And “miracle team” in the “opposite”, played by Wang Chuanjun company manager has a good character.At the beginning of his appearance, he is an elite in suit and tie who has been polished by the society and has no momentum. After several contacts with Jing Hao, his last look at them has been significantly changed.Still have look very fierce but also hide the warmth of the cleaning captain more elder brother, only in the memory of the mother, the big company president 3 times, each role stand, each character have chewing head.Third: What kind of actor is suitable?The answer is simple but difficult: find the right person!The last, and most obvious, point is that “Wonder” got it right. It got a bunch of actors who could act.Yi Yangqianxi, as the most powerful after 00 students, his progress is there for all to see.He just showed up, in a yellow POLO shirt, bag slung across the shoulder, jeans in the middle, riding a motorcycle through the streets, with a look in his eyes that was mature beyond his years, an ordinary man oppressed by life.As a result of sitting at the desk for a long time to repair the mobile phone, he habitually hunched, this small detail is also presented in the film.In Miracle, Jackson Yi has several highlights.One is when he attended a wedding, Uncle Liang asked him what he wanted to do after, he was drunk eyes blurred for a while, and then hold back tears, said that he wanted to go back to university to continue to study.One was when he and his sister, Jing Tong, moved to the factory and hugged each other in tears. Jing asked carefully, ‘Will you always be there?He answered firmly: Yes.His sister fell asleep, but tears still flowed down, Jinghao looked at such a scene, he also unconsciously tears.Another time is the final moment of judgment, he learned that the product qualified rate of 87%, signed a contract of 5 million yuan, the first time is not happy, but trembling to ask a key question: this time, there is a deposit?When he got the answer in the affirmative, he finally got the job done.To the elevator, finally issued a silent cry.This is the moment when the emotions really burst out, because the setup, this one, is very painful.He didn’t cry, but we did.After the training of several big screen movies, Yi yangqianxi proved that he could be the main actor.The youngest actress to co-star with Jackson Yi, Harlin Chen, also gives an amazing performance. Whether it’s crying or heartbreaking, the little girl’s performance is remarkable, especially her weak eyes that Pierce people’s hearts.And in addition to his absolute leading role, “miracle team” in each person, but also super strength drama bone.Tian Yu, Qi Xi, Gong Lei, Wang Ning, and even Zhang Yu, who doesn’t appear much in the movie, all have textbook acting scenes.Yong Mei plays the mother, only in the memory of a few short lines, can let people hear the tears down.All acting online, describe “miracle”, really just right.To be honest, Miracle is a happy ending, but it’s not really a family movie. It’s a realistic portrayal of reality, and it’s hard to watch for a long time.For The experience of Jing Hao afflictive, afflictive for Jing Tong’s illness, afflictive for the hardships of the factory, afflictive for everyone in the factory’s experience.However, the movie also gives us positivity and hope to the greatest extent.As the film appeared several times that the small ant, although experienced wind and rain, but it eventually came ashore.What makes a miracle a miracle is not just stupid kids, but a bunch of stupid people who are pursuing happiness in the most “stupid” way possible, and who deserve it.As the film says: this is not a film about success, but about happiness within reach.Bluestone film | this old meng bluestone movie original content, please do not reproduced in any form without authorization