I dream of visiting teachers, dream of Hong Kong Yu Shiman

2022-04-26 0 By

Dream I go to a place, roadside ask a person, that person said there are more than 10 miles of land, pointing to the mountain there said, behind the mountain, also see a paddy field someone harvest rice, harvesting machine is very strange.Later I saw to the road below a house, I went down to see, saw two houses, suddenly disappeared, I went to see, I saw two vacant lots, looked back, there are a lot of houses, I went along the road, suddenly saw a man fly into the turn of the house, he did not see me, I looked, high man ah!I went over to worship him as a teacher, he sat in the room, laughing there, and turned into a woman has been laughing, there are many teachers and sisters in the room, I saw a lot of people in the opposite room where to read, a woman is fat, pull me said that I do not go, then woke up.Also dreamed someone a woman is very good to me, is a friend, she later body black, I immediately to work hard on her point, put the blood from her hands on his feet again, she will be back, then take her to see a doctor, the doctor said to polishing the medicine, the ointment is a little oil, best polishing once in the morning, we went back, on the way, I see she’s wearing a bit thin, I have a stroke with the hand,Later, I didn’t go with her because of something. I turned around to see her, but she had disappeared. When I woke up, I only knew her appearance, but I didn’t know her name.