Cheng County highway section: treatment of road surface disease to ensure smooth

2022-04-26 0 By

Recently, into the county ice and snow melt, the weather began to clear up.Just from the tension of the “ice-fighting anti-skid war” out of the road maintenance personnel, and everywhere into the treatment of road diseases.In G567 line, S205 line road, a group of wearing “orange” logo clothing maintenance personnel, busy repairing road surface disease.Affected by the previous continuous snow, low temperature, freezing weather, chengxian section of the road surface under the jurisdiction of many potholes, cracks and other diseases.In order to ensure road traffic safety and eliminate potential safety hazards, the section combined with climate factors and disease treatment technical points, formulate the road surface disease treatment scheme, centralized manpower and machinery for comprehensive treatment of highway surface disease.In the construction process, the section strictly in accordance with the safety standards, on the premise of ensuring the smooth passage of vehicles and the safety of personnel, scientific control of the construction site, according to the principle of “round hole square repair, oblique pit positive repair, small pit large repair, shallow pit deep repair”, scientific repair of pit and groove disease.Up to now, more than 40 maintenance personnel, 2 maintenance vehicles, 1 maintenance machinery, and more than 20 square meters of pothole disease have been treated in this section.Next, this section will continue to implement the work of “return of functions and landing of responsibilities”, do a good job in the treatment and prevention of road diseases, maintain good road conditions, and ensure safety and smooth flow.