Add generation story 114: Add generation Dalian meeting friends, played dalian tiger leopard

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1997, Dalian.Friends need to move around. Relationships need to be maintained.Jianghu is no exception. After dealing with tangshan, Jia Dai returned to Beijing and thought of taking Jing Jie out for a walk.Where to go?Jia Dai thought of Dalian, so he called Duan Futao in Dalian.Jia Dai: Duan Ge, are you in Dalian?I want to show my younger siblings around Dalian.Dear brother, I have nothing to do recently. It is a good season in Dalian. Please hurry to come.Add generation with lover static elder sister, Ma SAN, Ma SAN’s girlfriend Xu Wan, Ding Jian, Wang Rui and a group of people, cheerfully set foot on a big journey.Duan Futao called to tell Wang Pinghe, wang Pinghe was still in the field when he heard that generation came, immediately said to the fastest time back.After arriving in Dalian, Duan Futao extended hospitality without saying.After dinner, a group of people came to The Banana bar opened by Wang Ping and his brother.A generation brother know with Wang Ping and good relationship, also understand, is absolutely the highest standard of reception.At that time, beer, foreign wine, liquor all up, everyone is also very happy to play.Good times go by so fast.Static elder sister and small wan two people make an appointment to go to the bathroom, go to the bathroom and walk back, Xu Wan one leng, “Static elder sister, my bracelet seems to fall on the washbasin, I have to go back to find.”I’ll go back with you.Xu Wan: No, Sister Jing.You go home before they get too busy.Jing Jie: That’s all right. Come back soon.Dalian has a social elder brother, known as Wu Lao.Wu second hand has a brother called Zhou Xianwei, shaved shaved hair, height to have one meter eighty-five, weight to have two hundred catties, physique is particularly good, the muscle on the arm is a piece of, looking to burst the same.Zhou xianwei has a particularly fiery temper.At the beginning, his brother called him “hot” and called him, and gradually became “Hubao”.Xu Wan turned around and went back to the washroom. She found the bracelet on the washbasin.Xu wan took the bracelet and turned on the tap to wash it.At this time hubao blush thick neck, covered with wine from Xu Wan behind, put his face together.To kiss Xu Wan, Xu Wan felt behind the strange, turned away, raised his hand “pa” to give A big mouth ba zi.Hubao, alarmed by the slap, pulled Up Xu Wan’s hair and snapped back, “You dare to hit me?You really don’t know what’s going on. Your boss will give me three points if he sees me. Get out of here.”Hubao took Xu Wan as Bana’s waiter.Xu Wan got two slaps from Hubao. Her face was swollen and watermelon juice trickled down her mouth.Xu Wan hurried back to Jiadai and Ma SAN.Ma Sanzheng drank happily. Jiadai looked up and saw Xu Wan running crying, “SAN, don’t drink, don’t drink.”Ma 3 turn head a look, “small wan, how return a thing” Xu Wan: “three elder brother, someone dozen me……”Duan Futao said, “I have come to Dalian, and someone still beats my sister in law!Sister, come on, you show me! ‘A line of people came to the bathroom, hubao big tall, Xu Wantong back at a glance to recognize the hand washing of Hubao, with a hand, “three elder brother, is he!”Ma SAN a listen to, toward the nearest a table walk past, pick up a beer bottle on the table, run toward the back of the head of tiger Leopard “bang” a while.Butch’s physique is really not cover, ma SAN’s one beer bottle hit the back of the head, the bottle is broken, he did not fall down.Hubao turned around, ma SAN were stunned, did not fall down?Then the horse three up and pestle him once.Tiger and Leopard a stagger, also reaction come over, hurriedly call oneself under the hand, “is dragon.Is the dragon……”.Zheng Long came with six or seven brothers. “What happened to my brother?”Duan Futao looked at it and said, “What do you mean, Tiger?You run away from banana to the wild, dare to my sister in law, you still have my duan Futao?”At this time hubao just reaction come over, he front dozen that female is not the service personnel of Ba Na na, also come here to play.Then, Duan Futao shouted, “One copy, call all your internal guards to me!”Ba na na’s boss a take a walkie-talkie a shout, hula suddenly come over more than 20, hand side with big open mountain, small pickaxe.I mean, there are so few of us.Tiger leopard: Tao elder brother, want to do what ah?”Duan Futao: What?You apologize to my brother, Ma SAN, and his sister in law.Tiger leopard: tao elder brother, I don’t know is younger brother and sister, that I am wrong, that he dozen I dozen in vain?Gardai: What’s wrong?It’s easy for you to apologize. What do you think, if you didn’t know Tao, you could walk out of this house with your whole body?Duan Futao’s face could not hold it, raised his hand “clap” and gave Bubao two big mouth, “hurriedly apologize.””Duan Futao, I respect you, but you hit me!This isn’t over for today! ‘One on the side.In the eyes of tiger-leopard is a pestle, “what’s wrong?What do you want?”Hubao hands to cover his eyes, heroes do not eat a foregone loss, a look at the other party so many people, “ok, I am wrong, I am wrong, I can go?”Duan Futao looked at it and said, “Get out of here. I gave you face.”Hubao led the people to go out……Postscript: Some friends say that the content I send is negative energy, actually depends on how to understand.You say that if this time After Xu Wan escape, don’t stretch out his hand to hit tiger leopard’s mouth will have the matter behind?If we can read from this passage that good women don’t cause trouble for men, isn’t it positive energy?Thanks for your support and understanding!