What’s the difference between a car tank on the left and one on the right

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What is the difference between auto fuel tank on the left and on the right questions about the location of the fuel tank, you may not have noticed that there are some models of tank arranged on the left and some are on the right, you know, the car’s internal structure is complex, the position of each parts are through the careful design, so arranged in the tank left or on the right is actually has its own reason,What’s the difference between the tank on the left and the tank on the right?The car fuel tank is mainly used to store oil, to provide fuel for the vehicle, its position on the left or on the right, virtually no difference, will not affect its function.Appear have left and right cent, basically be based on the following a few reasons: one of, for body weight.Body weight is of course an important consideration in car design, the more center of gravity the vehicle, the more stable the vehicle.Therefore, most cars have a rear-mounted fuel tank, which is placed under the rear seat.In this way, you can try to balance the weight of the vehicle, to maintain the stability of the vehicle center of gravity.Second, related to the driving regulations.The location of the tank opening is closely related to the different driving directions.Third, consider road safety.In the design of fuel tank opening, making it convenient for people to refuel is only one of the factors, and road safety is a key factor.The fuel tank is designed to be placed near the side of the road, which provides a safety guarantee for the fuel tanker. Because in the early days of the automobile, there was no professional gas station, and the car was mainly filled with gasoline by itself.In addition, it will reduce the probability of rear-end collision with the fuel tank, thereby improving safety factors.Fourth, consider the safety of vehicles.The farther away a car’s fuel tank is from its exhaust, the safer it is.Therefore, the tank opening is usually on the right when the exhaust port is on the left and the tank opening is on the left when the exhaust port is on the right.So one might wonder, why is it that the regulation is always to drive on the right, but there are still left tanks and right tanks?In fact, the domestic market is full of a large number of joint venture cars, and each driving habits are not the same, so the corresponding fuel tank position is also different, which leads to the different distribution of domestic car fuel tank.Look down at the fuel gauge icon on the dashboard before filling up. The arrow on the top points to the tank opening.