“Spring Walking grassroots” care sanitation workers spring greetings send blessings

2022-04-25 0 By

The following article is from Zhenjiang Culture Radio and Television Industry Group Co., LTD. (Zhenjiang Radio and Television Station), and shall not be reproduced without authorization.After the reunion of wine and hot dishes on The New Year’s Eve, many people will lie in bed and sleep late on the first day of the first lunar month. However, before dawn, sanitation workers have started their work as usual, and they still have to stick to their posts during the Spring Festival holiday.In order to thank the city beauticians for their hard work, this morning, the staff of wuyue Square, jointly runzhou sanitation, Jiuding Xuan, Encounter, Sichuan Fengxia three catering units, carried out the New Year’s greeting activities for sanitation workers, in the first day of the New Year, for the sanitation workers to send the best wishes for the New Year.At 10:30 a.m., workers from Runzhou Sanitation and Wuyue Plaza delivered rice and cooking oil to more than 40 sanitation workers, and handed out movie tickets and 200 yuan meal vouchers to each of them.Zheng Huaihong, who has been engaged in sanitation work for more than 20 years, told reporters that every Spring Festival, she and her colleagues will stick to the front line of cleaning in the city. With people from all walks of life’s care for them, they are more motivated to work.Sanitation worker Zheng Huaihong: People from all walks of life support our sanitation workers’ work. We don’t complain even though we suffer a little, because it is to beautify our city.RunZhou HuanWeiSuo is introduced, in order to guarantee the city clean and tidy during Spring Festival, starting on the first day, unsafe sanitation worker has according to the work arrangements in their respective positions, began to surface cleaning work at five o ‘clock in the morning every day, these days the temperature lower, they work very hard, everyone can consciously self-discipline, form good habits of public health,Is the biggest support for sanitation work.RunZhou HuanWeiSuo secretary ShiPeng: hope in the future we can more care and support, love, sanitation workers, through their good living habits, such as no spitting, do not throw garbage, and pet counterparts in the street, to pet waste can be processed in a timely manner, not to the sanitation workers to increase their labor burden.