Before going back to the ’60s, she packed the entire building into space while it was dark

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# # refused to book shortage small make up for everybody dig all kinds of beautiful novel, as I push super love net novel, thinking for a long time decided to share to you feel good after reading her novel, hee hee, if feel good, I hope you appearance, handsome and natural and unrestrained, truly the little brother little sister for the article point small make up a praise with a focus on yo,Thank you for your support and encouragement!In her first book, “The Happy Life of the 1960s,” she packed an entire building into space before dark.Plane crash, Liu Xiaoying relief, she made the most wrong decision in this life is to share the secret to his lover.When she woke up again, she became Liu Xiaoying in the 1960s.An orphan girl with a fiance?Someone: You must be nervous with that excited look on your face?Into the pit guide: He Haowen entered the room to see Liu Xiaoying busy figure, went up to roll up his sleeves to help her pick up things.Liu Xiaoying saw him help didn’t talk, and so on, she went to the kitchen to wash dishes, he Haowen stay in the house.When Liu Xiaoying entered the room, He Haowen was still sitting beside the kang, not knowing what he was thinking.”Aren’t you going to wash your face?He Haowen raised his head, his eyes a little complicated, but soon put it away.”Yes, I will.”Of course Liu Xiaoying saw his expression. What did he find?In fact, she has accepted he Haowen in her heart, but this acceptance does not mean that she can share the secret of space with him.The punishment of the last life seemed to be fresh in her mind, and Liu Xiaoying did not want to let the temptation to test anyone.People are the most vulnerable, so she never wanted to tell He Haowen about space.Liu Xiaoying hook mouth, first do not want to.When I took off my clothes and lay down on the bed, the sound of the water in the kitchen stopped.He Haowen went into the house to take off his clothes and lay down in bed.Liu Xiaoying got up and turned off the light. Neither of them spoke.When she was some confused, He Haowen suddenly spoke.”Where do these things come from?”His voice was deep and vaguely guilty.”One of my father’s former comrades came to me and gave me a lot of things. I don’t know if they had something in common before.”Liu Xiaoying thought of her parents in previous lives and felt sad, wondering what had happened to them.He Haowen heard her words leng for a moment, it just remembered her father is a martyr, want to inside also have a reason.”Well, go to sleep.”Liu Xiaoying breathed a sigh of relief and turned to face the wall and fell asleep.He Haowen although the heart has doubts, but see Liu Xiaoying do not want to say more, there is no cross-questioning.Besides, she was his chosen daughter-in-law, so trust her. Sooner or later, she would be willing to tell everything.For a few days, they lived an ordinary life, liu Xiaoying did not go out, just at home.(Click the following link to read the novel) The second book: “Through the farmer koi small blessing female” introduction: Old Xu family ancestral grave smoke!Grandma xu is pregnant again!Hale and hearty Old Man Xu walks with wind!Old Xu’s daughter-in-law but began to tremble, regardless of their mother-in-law born son born female, home to more than a small ancestor, this day, how can boil ah?Pit guide: “right ah, fast noon, also do not know the home to get what to eat?””Eldest brother, you say, za niang conceived, our home this food can open a bit better?”Hearing his eldest brother’s words, Xu Second felt even hungrier.Old brother Xu sighed and said, “Second brother, it’s your daughter-in-law who is cooking for us now. Is the food good or not? Won’t you go back and tell your daughter-in-law?””I said it didn’t work!”Xu Second wrinkled ba face, “you are not to know, my daughter-in-law listen to elder sister-in-law!””Eldest brother, or you go back to say with eldest sister-in-law, we really not bad that bit of money!””Your elder sister listens to za niang!”Xu sighed.It was always their mother who made the final decision on what they ate in the house.”Oh, I’m so hungry!Xu Second touch stomach, watched or very steady sitting fishing stone Xu eldest brother, “eldest brother, today seems to have no chance, otherwise, we return to……”Words are not finished, Xu Second looked at Xu old man pulled the fishing rod.A swim bucket, Xu boss successfully caught a foot with his forearm long red carp.Xu Second was completely dumbfounded, such a big red carp, he caught so many years of fish, or the first time to see.As a result, xu Lao felt his fishing rod become heavy before he could utter his shock.Fish, I got it!Xu Second brother no longer looked at his big brother’s harvest, but concentrate on the fish to fight up.Back and forth a fighting force, Xu Second also pulled up his own line, will be hooked fish to pull up the shore.”I, I…”See oneself catch up of fish, Xu second some stutter.This is a grass carp, the boss of the head, than xu old red carp, also big at least a slap in the face.(Click the following link to read the novel) the third book: “after wearing the book, she became a powerful official heart tip pet” introduction: (Shuang Jie, 1V1, the long feeling, sweet pet article!Welcome to the pit!Gu Qing you wear a book, became the book brainless and evil cannon fodder female match.In order to live well, she decided to cling to the future can become a minister cheap husband jun thigh, who do not let!Lord Wen qi was a little surprised when he heard this, and hurriedly asked, “I don’t know how gu Lao and his father-in-law’s condition is now. Would you please tell me?”Although he hated Gu Qing 莜 in the past, her recent performance really changed him a lot and made him willing to care about her family.Besides, Gu Father is a good father, his impression of him is ok.As far as Wang da knew, he had thought Lord Wen Qi was a cold heart cold feeling of people, this meeting with his concern for his father quite surprised but more happy, he will eagerly gu father’s illness to Lord Wen Qi said.After all, Lord Qi is your father-in-law. Now that you know he is seriously ill, you’d better go and see him.You don’t have to worry about what you bought at home. I’ll help you pull it to your home directly when YOU get back to the village and tell your niang about your business.”Wang Bo is a sincere man, heard that gu father was seriously ill as his elders naturally for wen Qi Jun want to be comprehensive.Lord Wen qi agreed with him and said, “In this case, you are in trouble.””Oh, why bother.You go away, and I will return to the village.”With a wave of his hand and a word of instruction to Lord Wen qi, Wang Bo swung his whip and drove the cart out of the south gate.Lord Wen qi watched the cart go away. Then he and Wang Da went to visit their family.Songtao hospital, Gu Qing 莜 took the medicine soup from the hands of the breeze, “Dad, medicine is good, daughter to feed you to drink medicine.”Gu Father should be a, then under the help of Gu Bo sat on the head of a bed, gu Qing 莜 with the help of the medicine soup to drink all.Although the soup was bitter, he looked at his daughter, who looked soft and calm, and his heart was filled with fatherly sweetness.It’s great that his daughter has really grown up.Gu Qing 莜 will medicine bowl to the breeze and then take care of gu Father lying down, she seems to be inadvertently asked: “Dad, I came back so long how did not see Zhu Aunt and sister?”Uncle Zhu is the father’s only concubine room, when she was one year old gave birth to ordinary sister Gu Qingdie.(Click the link below to read the novel.) 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